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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My December Droolings-1:A few very crazy thoughts....

The human mind is the most interesting and peculiar object created by lord god almighty.The way it acts,how it acts and why it acts so..the creator himself knows..

There are instances when your mind travels just like that.One instance you are here,and the next thing you know is that your thought processes have taken you far a lifetime away..

Today my mind went numb,just like that.I opened my door today and stood frozen .All I knew was the cool breeze blowing in my face.

What was I thinking?nothing..
What was I staring at?nothing
That was a point when i knew my mind was blank..
A rare occurrence..
I was lost..but not lost in thoughts..but then where??

I guess in a place where time stands still,a place devoid of colors ,a place you can see,but can't feel the essence of it...A place in transit between reality and dreams....

A place unknown it is...

Today again I found life filled with paradoxes...

Things happen without a reason as opposed to the saying that there is a reason..
They say,you learn from your mistakes but I say you dont.
They say you wisen with age but i say you dont..

You know that the b**** called "temptation" will come in thru that door,which is deliberately left open.But still you chose to leave it open.Why?Blame it on the adventerous and always eager human nature..

And again I say,Life is crazy...

Sounds crazy?

I dont blame you for thinking so..
Maybe it is the cold weather which is making me think all this...

These of-course are some crazy thoughts in my head now..

These are my december droolings..filled with all no-sense

The mornings are very cold..
The evenings are coLder..
And the nights,they are the coldest...
Afternoon comes in with a bit of sunshine,just to disappear soon,with the sun setting very very early...paving entry to those loong loong nights..

That is the way of life here nowadays..

But I am happy that winter has arrived again..
With its chill and thrills
With its nostalgia,which never fails to leave

And I am happy to say,"you are welcome DECEMBER"!!!


  1. Yeah time to eat my fav fruit cakes and go on holiday...i love december!!

  2. it happens actually. A few days back I escaped an accident. I was driving and suddenly I went blank. I wasnt thinking about anything. I was just staring into space. And I didnt realise that the traffic light had turned red and had to stop. I dont know when I woke from my slumber, but I managed to apply the brakes and stop just in time to avoid an accident. That was scary.. Really scray. I didnt tell anyone about it coz i knew that I will be scolded. and you are the first person who is hearing this...

  3. DEC.........I luv this month.......a lot of reason for that ....


  4. ohhhh i lov winter.... unfortunately its always summer for chennai :( ....lucky escape... happy cold feet ..
    hope to cya around


  5. @ rohit:fruit cakes so special?i guess they might b homemade

  6. @chanz:hey..hope u r fine take care

  7. @ the un namable friend: guess its "sweet december" for you..

  8. @hary:i know,i was in chennai for a day last week..n man it was sure hott!!

  9. i guess this is the crazy thoughts only which is driving you sane....with everything at place, set and fixed...that sounds insane to me