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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My bengali diaries-part 7

Its being long since I updated my adventures and misadventures in this land....

Life here is getting more and more hectic...
The good part:Winters are here..
The bad part:No time to enjoy the beautiful season..

Yes,I am a very busy soul,..I had been chosen to perform salsa(along with a partner of course)..And now after a 6 day crash-course in salsa,I am ready to show the world,my version of salsa,which i sometimes feel,resembles kathak(thankx to my classical training)...

But since my trainer has given me a double thumbs-up,I feel that i must seriously be good at this..otherwise,they would not have chosen my name for nothing(bragging folks,I am bragging!!!)

The good part about the dance-I am very fit and very much body-flexible nowadays,
The bad part-No time for my writing jobs,as a result of which I am forced to hear bulls***,from my clients..Not all of them,just a few hard and fast disciplinarians,who fail to understand the cultural side of their article provider,namely me..

And thus goes on life,a mixture of timings and non-timings.

The worst part of this mad house run over here is that,the two people (including me) living under the same roof,have very little time for each other...


And in this small gap i got,I updated my dear blog..gotta run now...another back-breaking,hip-hustling dance session to begin soon..

So long folks...
till the next post:
keep smiling


PS:My dance performance is on saturday..Please do pray for me and wish me luck..:)


  1. loads of luck will do well for post pictures/videos once performance is done :)..all the best

  2. u'll definitely do well. u r awesome. dont worry.
    gud luck.

  3. Wishing to watch Salsa but how?

  4. @ ani @sans:thankx guys..:)

    @hobo:my SALSA..better if u not c it..:D..

  5. Advance congratulations :)
    You will definitely do well :)

    enjoy ur dance...
    keep blogging

  6. awwww m late... u must have performed by now.. :(

  7. hey wait... Today os friday.. that means i m on time... wish you good luck for tommorrow...


  8. Yeah..Best of Luck,....Phod ke ana!! :)

  9. @ rohit @chanz @satish: thankx guys...:)

  10. Oh great!

    Wish you all the best for the performance. So r u in kolkata ?

  11. @nibin:thankx yaar...i m near to darjeeling..:)

  12. @ everyone:thankx guys.wid all ur wishes my show went on amazing..thank u all..:)