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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back....

Today we say good-bye to another year..and welcome a new one..Don't know about the rest of you all,but for me,the year was a pretty fast one..One day you know it is January 01 and the next thing you know ,it is December 31..

How was this year for me?it was a mixture of emotions and events.

For starters i began blogging very frequently ..which i m continuing till the last day of the month..Blogging helped me discover my passion and inclination to write,that it helped me chose a career path..quite a deviating path from the one i was aiming and was trying to travel the whole my life..

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary...didn't know how a year flew by...Its seems like a fairytale throughout and I wish it continues so always..

Back home ,I had the best vacation in my life..Met up with my neice,whom i haven't had seen in around 2 yrs..I vacationed crazy,shopped crazy..and enjoyed was like back to my college days..

Then i shifted my base ,leaving behind all the memories of a new place..which i hated in the beginning,but which now ,i am completely used to and have made my home(period)...

I found Pogo,then gave away Pogo(damn,shifting)..I found Bliss..he is still with us..(both of them,being doggies)..

I made up wid a close friend of mine,no quarrels worries..the 2 yr long duel came to an less grudge to carry forward to the nxt year...(not that i have many)

And life went on and on..It is still going on and on... For me 2009 has heen a mixture of love,goodbyes,new friends,sugar and spice and everything nice..and sometimes not that nice..

And for the new year resolutions I made last year,according to my blog post

1.will try to control my tongue n temper..
2.will try not to sleep after 9 in the morning
3.will try not to skip any meal of the day..
4.will try to keep up the above resolutions

Thank God,I at least had a post to remember what my resolutions were,for I have successfully broken the 3 them.. second one,being broken only on weekends.,thankx to my job,german classes and my dance,

And for the rest of the broken resolutions,I am re-resoluting them this year..Lets see.. :)

I don't know what the new year has in store for me..And not knowing what tommorow has in store for us,is I believe what is called the charm of life..

So,here I am raising a toast to a wonderful year ahead for all of you.

Happy New Year Folks....



  1. Have a prosperous 2010 :)
    Keep smiling always :)
    AL IS WEL :D

  2. Happy NewYear-ji...
    Wish you have a new set of "new year resolutions" next year...
    Wish you a wonderful year ahead.

    Cheers. :D

  3. @divya @satish @priceofpersia: happy new year guys..have a rocking year ahead

  4. Wish you a very happy, prosperous and terrific year ahead, dear chith... :)

  5. Pgo and bliss... cute names :)
    wish you another beautiful year ahead :)

  6. Please change the theme of ur takes too much time to load
    its THE MOST honest advice i can giv u......


  7. @ arvi: thankx arvi..wish you the same..:)

  8. @ rajlaksmi: welcome to my blog and happy new year.. :)

  9. @ anonymous:first:I dont pay heed to anonymous advices..
    second:my page loads ok over here,in my sysytem n where all i have tried..better check ur connection..
    Third:i didnt ask for your most honest advice..
    And since advices are said 2 b free,the third one can take a pass