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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Day Out..Some Pictures....

Christmas is gone n new year is short it is holiday this short span of time i get,i wouldn't miss a chance to roam around..and i did roam are some pics of my day of exploration of my beautiful neighborhood.. is scenery all the way..i live in a place surrounded by scenic beauty..

the of the many..

The monastery in the hills..there are lots of Buddhist monks around the place i live ..the first monastery i visited was in coorg..dis is the 2nd was peaceful,quiet and serene..couldn't get any inside pics as photography was prohibited...

The welcome board to the tea-estates...i like the names..singbulli and tingling...:D

China??Someone suggested it might be the variety of tea..the only explanation..

tea and tea all one for a cup??

"we need gorkhaland" slogans everywhere..Why divide and rule,i ask??

They said it was Tuph-ku..the local delicacy..for me,it was bland noodles and chicken in semi-soup-solid form..

The cold weather started setting in very very very early..

And finally the sun ready to go down,around 3.30..its an early bed-time for him nowadays...

That was an overall view of my surroundings...Its winter and it is getting very cold here during the nights..mornings are pleasant though..

But the last winters,in the heavenly state of jammu n kashmir ,the mornings were foggy and misty and cold...the best and the coldest ever...its nostalgic and i am reposting some pics again from my old post:..

My courtyard ,i guess around 1o in the morning...

Man,do i miss the J n K winters..Sob.. :(

original link to dis pics:

Thats all for now folks..

until the next post..
keep smiling and njoy the last few days of the yr..



  1. Cool pics! I will most probably visit Darjeeling in the summer if all goes well! :)

  2. Winter - You are the best And I love.
    Gulabi(pink) sardi(winter) they say within Punjab.

  3. @nryn:do visit..its good..hopefully the gorkhaland strike will end thn..

  4. @ Hobo:definitely winters r the best

  5. @ Arslan: yea,bro..its awesome.. :D

  6. wow... darjeeling must be amazing..... love the winters.. and i love all these pics.. :)

  7. Hey really awesome pics...i am a nature freak....i just love them... reminds me of the last darjeeling and sikkim visit few years back....anyways Happy new year!! :)

  8. courtyard pic is awesomeee!! i wanna visit Darjeeling one day for sure

  9. @chanz:darjeeling is amazing,xcept the frequent strikes goin on..

  10. @ Hary: courtyard pic is not of darjeeling..but of yea..darjeeling is also awesome..