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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day close to the wild....

This has been one,I wanted to post almost a month back,when i visited a zoo,back in trivandrum.Sadly,i just have just a few pics of the place left with me since i had some problems with my pen drive in which the pics were saved and the memory disk in the camera was erased already..

So here is a day, close to the wild,in a few still frames..

I always feel,this guy has a human face..

Blissfully asleep..

They refused to show their faces..:)

The newly born hippo

Enter the snake house

This is my favorite mom found it scary n slimy though..

That is it folks,The rest of the pictures including the tiger,leopard,lion and many others are sadly history..

Until the next post..

ciao guys...



  1. Nice pics yaar ...
    Really liked it :)

  2. Chith...that was nice.... its been long time and im really gonna visit the zoo next weekend... :P

  3. nice...i liked the zebra the most....
    yeah ur fave pic is great..
    scary and slimy for sure..

  4. nICE...picks...

  5. the newly born hippo doesnt look like a new born... he is so huge...

    and i hate snakes... you previous post abt the snake in your house, it scraed me.. and not the pics... oh gawd...scray... I agree with your mom

  6. @ satish:thanx yaar..there were some more beautiful pics..:(

  7. @ arvi:do see has changed a lott from the last time i saw it

  8. @ vikas:the snakes were more scary in reality..

  9. @vijay:finally,got ur name..thankx:)

  10. @ chanz:it was jus 2 months is really small in comparison to the adults..:)