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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Art Of Diplomacy!!!

There is the art of living..
The art of breathing
The art of kissing..

What all and what not..

N the most skillful one ,according to me will be

"The Art Of Diplomacy"..

yes,it really is..

Having to convince people,rather put people in such a fix and situation,that not agreeing to the person will be impossible ,is really an art..

What is making me say all this??

Today a friend of mine was a victim of such an artist..
She was coaxed into something which she was least interested in doing

"Her OHs", "BUTs" and "NOs",were thrown off to the wind...

And all the channels through which she could have got out were efficiently closed..

The result..

Her German classes and the nearing exams takes a backseat for a week,as the time should be devoted for something else,which is very less constructive and an utter waste of time

She tried her best,but couldn't say no , because of the person who asked ,the way it was asked , the reasons for her to be a part in it.,and mostly some diplomatic statements!!!!

The person's second aim was me

I might not be a diplomat,and can't make people twist and turn my way
But i guess i can say very straight "No"s..
It cost me a friend,not friend an acquaintance..but I am glad..
I might be termed harsh,non-caring and non-cooperative..

For all the things in the world.."I don't care"
At least at the end of the day,I wont be cribbing..

PS:If anybody out there knows of a class called.."the art of saving ur arse and staying out of diplomatic beings"..please let me know,there would be many over here who will be interested in enrolling..




  1. you rock girl. Especially if you know how to say NO.. Teach me how to use this bloddy word... :(

  2. That was written really well :)

  3. Diplomacy is really an art....Not all can do it bot as u mentioned its better to be frank than diplomatic :)

    Love ur blog
    u have a new follower :)

    keep blogging

  4. @chanz:follow ur mind and speak out..trying to please people always is never possible

  5. is a true xperience.:)

  6. @satish:welcom to my blog..:)

  7. My views: Diplomacy is an art to be appreciated :)