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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alone ......

The path was the same.The cold blowing breeze in her face was the same.The sun peeping through the trees was the same.The people were the same.The faces were the same.The gestures were the same.

But life was different now....

The day came with a different tone.The evenings seemed to have lost their charm.The nights were mostly sleepless.

Many a night she lay awake.Staring up at nothing at all.Searching for answers which she knew she would never ever get.The other side of the bed was painfully empty.She missed those comforting hugs in the warmth of which she would never sleep again.The tears flowed without her knowing.

She was surrounded by people..
But still she was lost..
She was always in the crowd..
But still she was alone..
Many were there for her always..
But she was blind to all of them..
She was deaf to all of them..

All because of a beautiful dream..
A beautiful dream which she had lived..
A beautiful dream which was lost..
A beautiful dream which was shattered..

The dream which was broken into pieces...
forever and ever...

And the dream being him....

She felt alone..
She felt shattered..
She felt hurt and bruised..
More than anything,she wanted him..
For she knew,this life was for them to fight together..
For she knew,without him,she was nothing...

They said life would move on...
They said forgetfulness was the best boon to mankind..

But for her, life had ended,as she had known it...

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  1. Oh!! That was a real tragic one for a change.Struck the emotional chords the right way...

  2. Well....
    who is she ???

  3. @ ranjit: different moods,different posts

  4. @ anonymous: anonymous comments are never replied to properly.. :P

  5. SO soothing to read yaar :)
    Loved every bit of it :)

    keep em comin..