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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back....

Today we say good-bye to another year..and welcome a new one..Don't know about the rest of you all,but for me,the year was a pretty fast one..One day you know it is January 01 and the next thing you know ,it is December 31..

How was this year for me?it was a mixture of emotions and events.

For starters i began blogging very frequently ..which i m continuing till the last day of the month..Blogging helped me discover my passion and inclination to write,that it helped me chose a career path..quite a deviating path from the one i was aiming and was trying to travel the whole my life..

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary...didn't know how a year flew by...Its seems like a fairytale throughout and I wish it continues so always..

Back home ,I had the best vacation in my life..Met up with my neice,whom i haven't had seen in around 2 yrs..I vacationed crazy,shopped crazy..and enjoyed was like back to my college days..

Then i shifted my base ,leaving behind all the memories of a new place..which i hated in the beginning,but which now ,i am completely used to and have made my home(period)...

I found Pogo,then gave away Pogo(damn,shifting)..I found Bliss..he is still with us..(both of them,being doggies)..

I made up wid a close friend of mine,no quarrels worries..the 2 yr long duel came to an less grudge to carry forward to the nxt year...(not that i have many)

And life went on and on..It is still going on and on... For me 2009 has heen a mixture of love,goodbyes,new friends,sugar and spice and everything nice..and sometimes not that nice..

And for the new year resolutions I made last year,according to my blog post

1.will try to control my tongue n temper..
2.will try not to sleep after 9 in the morning
3.will try not to skip any meal of the day..
4.will try to keep up the above resolutions

Thank God,I at least had a post to remember what my resolutions were,for I have successfully broken the 3 them.. second one,being broken only on weekends.,thankx to my job,german classes and my dance,

And for the rest of the broken resolutions,I am re-resoluting them this year..Lets see.. :)

I don't know what the new year has in store for me..And not knowing what tommorow has in store for us,is I believe what is called the charm of life..

So,here I am raising a toast to a wonderful year ahead for all of you.

Happy New Year Folks....


Monday, December 28, 2009

A Day Out..Some Pictures....

Christmas is gone n new year is short it is holiday this short span of time i get,i wouldn't miss a chance to roam around..and i did roam are some pics of my day of exploration of my beautiful neighborhood.. is scenery all the way..i live in a place surrounded by scenic beauty..

the of the many..

The monastery in the hills..there are lots of Buddhist monks around the place i live ..the first monastery i visited was in coorg..dis is the 2nd was peaceful,quiet and serene..couldn't get any inside pics as photography was prohibited...

The welcome board to the tea-estates...i like the names..singbulli and tingling...:D

China??Someone suggested it might be the variety of tea..the only explanation..

tea and tea all one for a cup??

"we need gorkhaland" slogans everywhere..Why divide and rule,i ask??

They said it was Tuph-ku..the local delicacy..for me,it was bland noodles and chicken in semi-soup-solid form..

The cold weather started setting in very very very early..

And finally the sun ready to go down,around 3.30..its an early bed-time for him nowadays...

That was an overall view of my surroundings...Its winter and it is getting very cold here during the nights..mornings are pleasant though..

But the last winters,in the heavenly state of jammu n kashmir ,the mornings were foggy and misty and cold...the best and the coldest ever...its nostalgic and i am reposting some pics again from my old post:..

My courtyard ,i guess around 1o in the morning...

Man,do i miss the J n K winters..Sob.. :(

original link to dis pics:

Thats all for now folks..

until the next post..
keep smiling and njoy the last few days of the yr..


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SomeThoughts On A Cold Night..

I am just back from a stroll through the campus..and believe me ,it was very cold..cold that the last thing you would have wanted to do,will be taking a stroll at a time like this..But yeah,I chose to take the stroll..

It was beautiful..The streetlights were on..You could see the mist settling in the shadows of the light..

It reminded me of a dream which I had loong loong back,and which is still etched very brightly into my memory...

It was beautiful..I felt happy..I got a feeling that Xmas is here,even though there are no trees,carols or Xmas cakes this time around...And mostly I was happy,because it was winter..My favorite season of the year....Winters to me are filled with santa,christmas and some foggy memories which remains undeciphered....

The thoughts which flow and the feelings that arise,the emotions that couldn't be expressed just through words....winters gives me a mixture of all this..The cold weather might make my logical brain go dumb,but it sure awakes the dreamy and mysterious part of my think- tank...

I remember the last christmas eve..After a movie called "Holidays"..I was walking in the lawn of my garden...the drizzle was still on..The chill was awesome..And then there was the peace,calm and the feeling of a high and joy I felt ...And I was there enjoying every bit of that moment..Wishing that the moment dosen't pass by..and praying every moment in my life remains a beautiful as this..

Santa must have granted my wish,and I do believe in SANTA..hes a childhood enigma and I dont wana be a grown up this time to disown him completely..bcoz for me,without santa,the charm of the season is completely lost....

I might be getting carried away..So better I stop now..I want to wish all my readers a very very merry xmas and a equally prosperous and fulfilling new year..:)

May santa fulfill all your wishes...

Until the next post folks..
keep smiling..


Monday, December 21, 2009

A year......

A year it has been,and that too how quick...

Sometime this day,last year a bored mind decided to etch her impression in the virtual space..,
Its been a year since i started jotting down my thoughts in my small space in the cyber world...

I thank all you readers for visiting and helping my blog grow through your valuable comments...

And now its time for cakes and balloons and the birthday celebrations..

And I raise a toast to my blog on her first birthday(i am female,and hence will b my blog.....)

And I pray and wish I don't run out of ideas and thoughts ,so that you will have many many more days like dis to come.....

Until the next post folks...

Keep smiling



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alone ......

The path was the same.The cold blowing breeze in her face was the same.The sun peeping through the trees was the same.The people were the same.The faces were the same.The gestures were the same.

But life was different now....

The day came with a different tone.The evenings seemed to have lost their charm.The nights were mostly sleepless.

Many a night she lay awake.Staring up at nothing at all.Searching for answers which she knew she would never ever get.The other side of the bed was painfully empty.She missed those comforting hugs in the warmth of which she would never sleep again.The tears flowed without her knowing.

She was surrounded by people..
But still she was lost..
She was always in the crowd..
But still she was alone..
Many were there for her always..
But she was blind to all of them..
She was deaf to all of them..

All because of a beautiful dream..
A beautiful dream which she had lived..
A beautiful dream which was lost..
A beautiful dream which was shattered..

The dream which was broken into pieces...
forever and ever...

And the dream being him....

She felt alone..
She felt shattered..
She felt hurt and bruised..
More than anything,she wanted him..
For she knew,this life was for them to fight together..
For she knew,without him,she was nothing...

They said life would move on...
They said forgetfulness was the best boon to mankind..

But for her, life had ended,as she had known it...

Image courtesy:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My bengali diaries-part 7

Its being long since I updated my adventures and misadventures in this land....

Life here is getting more and more hectic...
The good part:Winters are here..
The bad part:No time to enjoy the beautiful season..

Yes,I am a very busy soul,..I had been chosen to perform salsa(along with a partner of course)..And now after a 6 day crash-course in salsa,I am ready to show the world,my version of salsa,which i sometimes feel,resembles kathak(thankx to my classical training)...

But since my trainer has given me a double thumbs-up,I feel that i must seriously be good at this..otherwise,they would not have chosen my name for nothing(bragging folks,I am bragging!!!)

The good part about the dance-I am very fit and very much body-flexible nowadays,
The bad part-No time for my writing jobs,as a result of which I am forced to hear bulls***,from my clients..Not all of them,just a few hard and fast disciplinarians,who fail to understand the cultural side of their article provider,namely me..

And thus goes on life,a mixture of timings and non-timings.

The worst part of this mad house run over here is that,the two people (including me) living under the same roof,have very little time for each other...


And in this small gap i got,I updated my dear blog..gotta run now...another back-breaking,hip-hustling dance session to begin soon..

So long folks...
till the next post:
keep smiling


PS:My dance performance is on saturday..Please do pray for me and wish me luck..:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Surprise Meeting!!!

Disclaimer:The below mentioned incident is real and all the characters are alive and kicking as of this very moment.I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.But the below mentioned are completely my thoughts about the incident and I don't think there is a better place to voice it out ,other than my blog..

It was around four in the evening.A four which looked like an 8 in the night,thanks to the ongoing winter.I was out shopping.The privileged and much awaited weekend shopping and roaming around the city and its only mall..which is a good 15 km from the place where i stay..

I picked up a pair of jeans and went to try out when I found out the trial room was full.Waiting is something which I don't like to,but here i did not have any other option.I was happy when I heard one of the doors unlatching and a lady exiting..I was about to enter the trial room,when i was stopped by this heavily accented voice..

"Hey r u?"

Surprised,I turned around.There stood in front of me a lady.Brown hair,black goggles ,A t-shirt , a three fourth and sneakers.

The Instant thoughts through mind were like

A three fourth and no sweater in this weather,which was below 10 degrees???Maybe she changed the sweater in the trial room,but still three-fourths?,isn't she cold?

Black goggles,shh..wrong place ,wrong time..But then maybe she is,chances of that are nil.

Heavy accent,golden brown hair..foreigner?if so,with her skin..she looked like a burnt,an NRI gone wild,yup..that is it.

Lets call her A n me C

A:y r u surprised,u didn't recognize me??
C:m sorry,but no..
A:oh C,i am A..The one who studied with you ..we met last 4 yrs back..remember?

I was literally surprised.Because if she was the person ,she was claiming to be,she had undergone a complete metamorphosis of her outer self.

C:Oh you,how r u?n how come u r here?

Seems like A got married and is settled in London.She is home for vacations and is on her way to visit Darjeeling..

That explains it..i thought..

After exchanging pleasantries,n whn she was abt to say bye..i coudnt help but asking...

"Why three fourths..arent u feeling cold in this weather?"

A:No girlie,u should come to London..I feel its hot over here..Look at you all covered and bundled up in sweaters ..

C:"I am sorry I was not born in London".(you ice princess)..the bracketed portion being said in my mind.

A:ok,thn bye..cya..surprised..cin you..n happy too,..

C:same here,bye..

End of conversation..

Where I live,the chances of seeing a known face from the other phase of my life is almost nil.And if I see one,I will be really surprised.

today..I was surprised..more than seeing her,by the way she looked..

The last time I saw her,she was a sober girl..the maximum heights of fashion she would attempt would have been a jeans and a long kurti.

But today..she has completely changed.

Throughout the conversation she was staring at me,through her black goggles..which again made me think,y isn't she removing them..maybe she has sore eyes..

I am not criticizing her modern way of dressing,which i completely support and follow..
To me, a jeans and a t-shirt is the most comfortable and decent clothing,ever invented by man!!
A sari will be my last option any day,even though i love the wonder known as "sari"

I am not a fashion guru and I am out giving out any gyaan.
But I feel there are some common grounds where any human being in their senses will finally reach to..
Because there are things you wear,and things you wear that suit you,and wearing those things which suit you at the proper place and time.

There is a commonly used term- YO!!!..translated to cool,chik,hep,hip-hop and all the similar meaning terms..

Then there is a Malayalm word -AIYO!!..translated to surprised..mostly not in the positive sense but the other way round..something which can be substituted for OH MY GOD!!(in the thumbs down manner ,that too)..

My friend tried to become a YO!!
But she ended up becoming an AIYO!!

And that folks,was my brush with "FASHION TURNED FREAKY"...

And mostly she irked me with her London statement,which prompted me to make her a part of my blog and present her before you wonderful readers.. :)

until the next post folks..

keep smiling..



Monday, December 7, 2009

What a pic!!!

A pic which i got in a mail..

This is a transportation device of a school in Delhi...

Seriously,children or live-stock???

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day close to the wild....

This has been one,I wanted to post almost a month back,when i visited a zoo,back in trivandrum.Sadly,i just have just a few pics of the place left with me since i had some problems with my pen drive in which the pics were saved and the memory disk in the camera was erased already..

So here is a day, close to the wild,in a few still frames..

I always feel,this guy has a human face..

Blissfully asleep..

They refused to show their faces..:)

The newly born hippo

Enter the snake house

This is my favorite mom found it scary n slimy though..

That is it folks,The rest of the pictures including the tiger,leopard,lion and many others are sadly history..

Until the next post..

ciao guys...


Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Art Of Diplomacy!!!

There is the art of living..
The art of breathing
The art of kissing..

What all and what not..

N the most skillful one ,according to me will be

"The Art Of Diplomacy"..

yes,it really is..

Having to convince people,rather put people in such a fix and situation,that not agreeing to the person will be impossible ,is really an art..

What is making me say all this??

Today a friend of mine was a victim of such an artist..
She was coaxed into something which she was least interested in doing

"Her OHs", "BUTs" and "NOs",were thrown off to the wind...

And all the channels through which she could have got out were efficiently closed..

The result..

Her German classes and the nearing exams takes a backseat for a week,as the time should be devoted for something else,which is very less constructive and an utter waste of time

She tried her best,but couldn't say no , because of the person who asked ,the way it was asked , the reasons for her to be a part in it.,and mostly some diplomatic statements!!!!

The person's second aim was me

I might not be a diplomat,and can't make people twist and turn my way
But i guess i can say very straight "No"s..
It cost me a friend,not friend an acquaintance..but I am glad..
I might be termed harsh,non-caring and non-cooperative..

For all the things in the world.."I don't care"
At least at the end of the day,I wont be cribbing..

PS:If anybody out there knows of a class called.."the art of saving ur arse and staying out of diplomatic beings"..please let me know,there would be many over here who will be interested in enrolling..



Thursday, December 3, 2009

My December Droolings-1:A few very crazy thoughts....

The human mind is the most interesting and peculiar object created by lord god almighty.The way it acts,how it acts and why it acts so..the creator himself knows..

There are instances when your mind travels just like that.One instance you are here,and the next thing you know is that your thought processes have taken you far a lifetime away..

Today my mind went numb,just like that.I opened my door today and stood frozen .All I knew was the cool breeze blowing in my face.

What was I thinking?nothing..
What was I staring at?nothing
That was a point when i knew my mind was blank..
A rare occurrence..
I was lost..but not lost in thoughts..but then where??

I guess in a place where time stands still,a place devoid of colors ,a place you can see,but can't feel the essence of it...A place in transit between reality and dreams....

A place unknown it is...

Today again I found life filled with paradoxes...

Things happen without a reason as opposed to the saying that there is a reason..
They say,you learn from your mistakes but I say you dont.
They say you wisen with age but i say you dont..

You know that the b**** called "temptation" will come in thru that door,which is deliberately left open.But still you chose to leave it open.Why?Blame it on the adventerous and always eager human nature..

And again I say,Life is crazy...

Sounds crazy?

I dont blame you for thinking so..
Maybe it is the cold weather which is making me think all this...

These of-course are some crazy thoughts in my head now..

These are my december droolings..filled with all no-sense

The mornings are very cold..
The evenings are coLder..
And the nights,they are the coldest...
Afternoon comes in with a bit of sunshine,just to disappear soon,with the sun setting very very early...paving entry to those loong loong nights..

That is the way of life here nowadays..

But I am happy that winter has arrived again..
With its chill and thrills
With its nostalgia,which never fails to leave

And I am happy to say,"you are welcome DECEMBER"!!!