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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles -9...A birthday and a gift...

Dear readers.

Today ,is my birthday...

I fail to fathom how fast these years went by...

A big thankx to everybody who remembered me,wished me and made my day......

I love you guys...:)

And today..My first blogger interview got published...

The link:

I love you too my dear blog...

What a wonderful day,it is turning out to be.. :)

And i am soo soo happy..


  1. wish u a very happy birthday girl... congrats for the published interview... good going huh...

    I wish u luv and luck.. i hope every day in ur life is as special as your bday...

    cheers girl..

  2. Woowww.. :) what a time to head start following ur blog.. :)

    First up,a very happy birthday to you.. :) and congratulations on being 2. years younger.. ;) Read ur interview on Webneetch..nice blog.. Hope u have a great year ahead.. :)

    Blogrolled ya.. :)


  3. Many happy returns of the day and many congrats!

  4. Hey....Happy Birthday....
    Hip Hip hurray..... grt interview!! :)

  5. Gosh you are a Celebrity...Congrats! Many Congrats! Fantastic interview!How does that happen? Was your blog selected randomly?

  6. @chandni:thank you dearie..

    @multimenon:thankx..yup it surely is a good day..:)

    @rockus:thanku thanku..:).hope u doin well nowadays..

    @rohit:thankx buddy..

    @vikas:thank u

  7. @vishal: thank u..i got a mail some 3-4 weeks bac,stating tht they wanted my interview..thts how it happend..:)

  8. Hey Chitz!! Wish you a belated Happy Birthday.Sorry I missed out yesterday........

  9. hiya...just came to yur blog thru webneetech..nice to know!!! happy b'day..cya around this space!