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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles-8 :It happens..every morning...

Today morning,I was sleeping in the comforts of my room at my home.. with no subconscious or unconscious plans to get up any time before 8 and thus make the most of the remaining 9 days of my leave.And that was when the inevitable happened.The wake up alarm at sharp 7 .I woke up with a start.The alarm was still on.After all I should have known.Don't expect to sleep after 7 at my place,unless and until you are that a heavy sleeper.

Everyday sharp at 7,an alarm goes off at my place.Everyday sharp at 7,the biological clock of the two "K9" members at my home,goes tick and off they start barking their consistent barks,which are mainly of 2 types.The first type an ear-piercing shrill(by the Pomeranian named "achu") and second one with an ear blasting bass(by the German shepherd by the name "bittu").

The sending out of the alarm can b bcoz of 2 reasons:
1.reminding us,that it is their breakfast time.
2.If they had already got their food,then it will be them chasing away the crows,who fly high in the sky,or perched at some roof tops.

Whatever the reason,the barking of the 2 doggies in my house,inspires all the other k9 characters in the nearby houses,and off they go sending off the community alarm together.The end result:The unfinished sleeps of some disturbed and unlucky souls,like yours truly..

The first thing that I will do,when I go down,will be to kill those two,were my thoughts today,as I got up from bed.And off I went with fumes coming out of my ears..

"where are you,you..."?

I couldn't complete the sentence,before which I was pounced upon and licked all over my face by achu and followed by bittu,who prefers to cuddle his head,and wipe his face on my dress...Their way of wishing me a pleasant morning..

And I stood there thinking.."Why on earth were I scolding them a minute before"??

This is the daily morning ritual that happens during my holidays at home...
They can convert a bubbling volcano into an ice-cream which melts away..:)

And they are not only a man's but a woman's best friend too..

Love you guys...:)



  1. awwwwww.. they are so adorable...
    muaahhh to them...

  2. Good one...I am scared of dogs, I wonder how u manage two :)

  3. All thanx to "Dogs" we have an entirely new class of Friendship "UNDEMANDING FRIENDS"

    Well written.Keep it up :)

  4. @kallu:thankx dear..i m sure,u 'll be familiar wid the mentioned incidents..:)

  5. @chandni:yup,they very much r..u cant stop loving thm..:)

  6. @vishal:from the time i remember,i have had dogs in my naturally no fear..:)..i feel awkward if i dnt hav a doggy

  7. @ranjit:they r undemanding and their love is unconditional..:)

  8. I've never had a pet. I've often wondered how it would be like to have one. But I guess if you haven't been used to having pets since a child, it becomes awkward.

    P.S: Here from VC's blog.

  9. @ arslan:it is not necessary tht u have a pet since the time u were a all depends how much of tht"pet person" instinct is in u..:)

  10. @hitch writer:i kno how u feel..i m gona miss all these in a week..:(

  11. we have something in common here.. "As far as I can remember, I had a dog at my home too..." :)
    *Dialogue Courtesy:GoodFellas :P :D

    And I guess the "pet instinct" automatically comes within you, if you grow up seeing pets around you.. Aint it?

  12. Chitz, that was a very well written post... Yeah, I've one at home too... My pet... Perhaps, my only true friend... Neat design too!

  13. @Arun: I guess u r born wid the'pet instinct'.. mayb it can b developed i know cases in which 'developing' never happened...

  14. @NJ: thanks buddy..pets rule..:)

  15. Thats exactly my point, I dont see anyone getting those instincts out of the blue!!!

    Hmmm I dont know whether I was born with it.. but seeing and growing with pets during the early age always develops that instinct!!! :)

  16. hey..
    lemme b honest..i read many of your posts..and trust me most of them r great..this one is ok types although its cute..

    wud wait for a masterpiece here.

    PS: Here from VC's blog.

  17. @vikas:thankx for ur comments..My blog posts depicts my state of mind at that time,n a masterpiece..well,:D