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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles-7: An Ode To A Grandpa Tree..

For many,this post may sound silly.But for me,its saying good bye to an inanimate friend.

The mango tree was in front of my house,from the time I remember.It wasn't exactly "OUR" tree,it was just outside our compound,facing the house.From the stories of my mom,who grew up in the same place,the tree was there when she was a kid too.A grandfather mango tree it was.

Nobody took special care of it.It grew enjoying the bounty of nature,and returning its favor.Every season,there was no end to the number of mangoes which the tree gave.The mangoes were plucked and taken away in huge amounts,by whomever who needed it.Not a single season I can remember when the tree bore no fruit...

Apart from that ,the tree was a part of many a childhood memories.The badminton games in which,the shuttle cock would always get stuck in its branches.Sometimes even the racket used to get stuck there,as a result of throwing them up in the air by the jubilant players.Many an onam season,when a swing would be tied from its branches.And many many games,played under the vast shade of the big tree..

This time ,coming home for vacations,I found out the tree was no longer there.It was fallen by the owner of the land,planning to use the place for commercial purposes.The big tree,which was an obvious hindrance in the path had to say good bye.

This is a snap of the tree taken by my sister,the last time it started bearing mangoes.Dont know the reason behind clicking the pic,but soon after this the tree was fallen down.

Now there is just the land and no tree.I always feel ,there is something missing,when I see the place where the tree stood.
And I feel sad,as if I had to say goodbye to a childhood friend...


  1. Somethings in life you take for granted. Trees are a prime example. I cannot believe how much I am missing the coconut tree in my house. I barely used to pay heed when it was there!

  2. Its ok dear... I dont know what does human's get by uprooting plants...killing animals....they give us life and reason to enjoy this beautiful earth!! Condolence !!

  3. i too had a huge tree in front of my house. Again, the tree wasn't ours and nobody took much care of it. But yeah. I remember when we used to play below it. My dad used to park his car under the tree (there was no driveway since our house was in the commercial area. Actually our house stood on his office building). That tree even saved his car from being stolen once (unbelievable though, but it did happen). I loved that tree. I used to stand in the balcony and stare at the humongous tree that stood there. And one day, it was gone. And so was our house. A metro station was built there.

  4. hee people can miss tree, yup not silly but something real.....

    keep writing

  5. @rockus:yup..n we start to miss them when suddenly one day they r gone

  6. @rohit:cutting down such a huge and a old tree doesn't make any semse to me..mayb for his gains,but i feel still the tree will definitely have sentiments

  7. @ chandni:same as my case..its really difficult when u see that barren space now,where the tree stood once

  8. @ the new visitor:thankx for visitn my blog n sharin ur thought..:)

  9. i have always found trees to be an integral part of our households as well as are lives...
    kudos to u to hav thot that way:)