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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles-10: A Slytherin Story

"HELP !! HELP!! ..snake snake!!!"..these were the four words which destroyed a not so perfect game of cards(in which i was losing terribly),two days back..

worried and frightened faces of my cousin and mom,were what we saw when we went out..

"It was this long"..-cuz

"NO WAY,much larger than that"..-mom

contradictory statements..

but the snake..seriously,it was missing..

A torch light search made us find the snake which was comfortably curled up in a corner of the wall..

Afraid to go near it and more than afraid to do anything to it,fearing the dreaded naag shaap :(the last thing we want is a naagin's revenge.. :D).,we stood there thinking of ways to make it go away..

Finally with huge amounts of a room freshener sprayed upon it (it must have suffocated the snake,because I felt it was fainting in the midway) and a rod to guide the snake out of the house,we finally managed to make the creepy and unexpected guest of our house,go back to its destination...

This is a pic of the "loves of our lives" taken during the snake episode.,staring through the locked gate,wondering what the fuss is going around at this time of the night,without involving them..

And finally,

This is the pic of the massive invader,which scared the lives out of us..:)

And this is how huge it was.....zooming might be necessary

And it is not a big centipede,but a smaller version of a poisonous snake(info provided by my biologically oriented sister)..The snake part,I am sure..because I saw it hissing..The poisonous part,well some things are better when left not experimented ..:)

And back at his snake pit,the snake would have been a huge hit..because i doubt whether any snake would have smelled this good...

Hope he doesn't come back searching for the source of fragrance..:)


  1. Are you ok? Its just so horrifying!!

    hehehe...i doubt that... what if he is male and searching for his counterpart with the same fragrance?

  2. Room freshner ...on .....snake... it's really funny way to make snake go out of home...By the way pic shows that the snack was really huge(joking)...whatever but small snake of this size can be dangerous...


  3. Holy gosh!! That was a hell of a snake.Back home it must have become an overnight celebrity due to the fragrance so you don't have to worry about it coming back.No one can avoid the celebrity status :)

  4. Pat on ur back...U dared to click pics when the demon was lying? I am not sure what I wud have done if I wud have saw one in my house..But amazing write-up...pat for that too :)

  5. Oh my gawd.. a snake.. I would have died at that spot... Its so scary man...

    But now that the snake has gone into its hiding, I can tell you that I have a new blog now.. Identity problems actualy, so I had to change my name. However it turned out that I had to change my blog as well... So i stole your way of writing the name.. I am chanz now.. :)

    hehehe... jokes apart (well the identity part was not a joke actually). I will be glad if you would follow me on this blog as well.. You have always been a valuable visitor.. And your comments are really imp...

    Cheers girl.. :)


    PS: I still have the prev blog. I will be writing simultaneously on both the blogs.. :)

  6. @the unexplainably named friend..:D: we needed something to fume the snake out and a room freshner was the only one which came in handy..:)

  7. @ rohit :let thm meet up n b a happy family far away from civilization..this is my wish 4 thm.:D

  8. @ ranjit: true,but he will have a major ego crash when the scent fades off..

  9. @ chanz:they sure are this one is the first in my house..coudn't have done but photographed it..:)

  10. @ vishal: the unique visitor moments is one to b captured in frames..:)