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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles 12: Lonely......

There are times when you feel that you are all alone in this world..
Times when you feel that,there is no one for you

No one in the world who cares
No one to lend a shoulder for you to cry on
All alone by yourself,against the world

There are times when you shut yourselves from the world
Weeping behind that locked door
Afraid to come out,to the cruel waging world...

There are sometimes when you miss them
Those you know,who will never come back...

There are times when you just wonder
Where did that compassionate touch and soothing words fade away..

The pain which cant be explained
The tears that cant be dried up..

These are the times when you just ask
Why,o GOD..WHY??

And these are the times,when you feel
That a good bye is the best way to it.....



  1. yepp...there are such time..very well written...those times deserve goodbbye

  2. Yes these time do deserve a good bye...but its wont appreciate the good times if you havent seen the bad ones!!

  3. Well written...such moments are very painful indeed and some good byes are really hard...

  4. Mood - The correct word.
    We all pass through such moods And next day we are bright And smiling with twinkles within eyes.

  5. oo am new here...thats a neat post..sure one cares..its always YU it materrs and CARPI DIEM...cya around..


  6. Is a good bye the best solution to the worries??
    Good bye to what?
    Those times are the real teachers.
    Whenever you want to learn just call them back..
    May there be no worries..
    Time to say Good Bye.

    p.s. First time here and wondering why i wasn't here before. Awesome work..

  7. Meandered in from Blog-a-ton. You have a nice blog..

    Wise people have said :

    Tough times don't last, tough people do...

    No matter how long the night, there will be a morning..

  8. aaahhhhhhh... its touching... really good chitz.. keep it up...

  9. @ athul:true...n we wish such moments never come again...

  10. @ rohit:life sure has its good n the "worst" is seriously to be avoided..

  11. @rockus:goodbyes might be sometimes,there will be no other option than a good bye..

  12. 2 madhu 2 chandni: thankx fellas..the words written from the heart, always turn out to b the most endearing...

  13. @ nipun:thankx 4 ur comment and a hearty welcome to my blog.. yea..sometimes a goodbye will seem to b the only way out..sometimes...:)

  14. @ HOBO: an awkward mood prompted this post..but now i feel its got some truth i it..:)

  15. @ Hary:welcom to my blog..plz do keep readin n commenting..:)