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Sunday, November 29, 2009

LIVE INs AND MARRIAGES-A personal experience

A previous post of mine-"Arranged or not"-invited some opinions .I would like to publish a certain mail i got regarding this topic,with the sender's permission.The author's identity is kept anonymous..

Excerpts from the mail

I had a live-in relation before getting married to the same girl. I was working, fresh out of b-school and my wife then in the final year of NIFT. So after she passed out out she decided to move into my place..primarily for two reasons:
1. so that we can spend more time together,which was convenient instead of trying to shuttle between two establishments
2. to cut down on costs as that meant she will have more money with herself, but then that is only a fall out reason and not the primary.

But, then that is where the real problem started...neighbors invited me for dinner and not her...they thought she is morally a corrupt lady and then couple of guys started dropping in my place just to chit chat with her...finally had to put my foot down...well those were the years!!!

actually, most people appoint oneself as moral police officers...and probably the sexuality of a relationship crosses their mind more than the ethereal side.

And, my second opinion is that females are always blamed more than their counterparts..i guess its a fall out of an upbringing in a male dominated society.

We got married and still living happily ever after...lot of people had predicted our doom primarily of she being from the fashion industry and me from a media background..but then..

Its not their fault..its their inability to see things from an outside cross the other side and view things..but then thats what life is!!!

I would like to thank the sender of the mail for sharing his experience.

Many parts of his view I agree to,especially the moral police officers who doesn't care if their life is a hulla,but are adamant on letting others walk in the so-called prescribed "ways of the society" path..

This is a successful relation culminated in marriage,showing for many,living in is not just an excuse to have a fling without inhibitions,but much more than that..But still a larger section of our society fails to accept relationships of this kind.

But again,different people..different perspectives...


  1. Very tue!! All througout their life people spend more time introspecting and discussing others lives.And by the time they realise it their own life is being discussed by others.....

  2. Well yaa.. I too agree abt the moral police thingy... I dont understand why people are so interested in others lives. They just need things to talk abt... And when they get new gossip, they forget what happened in the past and move on..

  3. Live-in anytime!! Fine this is a success story but cant happen with everyone.... but worth a try :P :P

  4. @ Arslan:Many can't still do that

  5. @ chanz:true...criticism n gossiping r the two easiest jobs under the sun..aren't they?

  6. @Ranjit:yes..many people still dnt know to mind their own business

  7. @ rohit:so are the case wid arranged marriages..everythin is a probability..:)