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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles-5: A few thoughts on a rainy day..

Disclaimer:There is nothing serious,thoughtful ,humorous or sentimental in the below post.They are some thoughts crossing my mind,as usual.

It is raining cats and dogs here..
And I m sitting in the comforts of my home,enjoying the rains minus a cup of hot coffee,which I am lazy to go down and make by myself..and hence i am bearing the self imposed brunt of laziness.

.Today I realized its been almost a week since I updated my blog.The main factor which kept me away from my space in the cyberworld was the fact that i purchased 6 books,which is eating up my time to be precise..:)

.The fat man with a very huge pot belly throwing his hands up in a yoga like position and perching comfortably on my table,is constantly giving me fat big grin..he is the "laughing Buddha",gifted to me by a certain person..and seriously,from any angle he doesn't look like any painting or sketch of THE "Buddha" I have ever seen.And hence the mystery behind the second part of that name remains..

But as they say,what is in a name..This laughing guy can be seen almost everywhere nowadays ,as he is supposed to be the bearer of good luck and fortune....which I doubt,bcoz for me,b4 him or after him life was and is pretty much the same..

For years,until I had a say in my life, I had been forced to wear scores of good luck charms ranging from birth stones,lucky stones,holy talismans,sacred threads..this ,that and so on..

The effects..quite invisible to me..
The justification provided to me to continue wearing them even then:They are warding of the ill effects ,which would have affected you, if you weren't wearing them..

And my logical brain thinks:
They is pre -written...
Ur destiny is pre -written...
So lucky charm or not,what will be will be...

Whatever,today I am free of charms and stuff.
And if a lucky charm really exists ,mine is missing...:)

Will be back with a more serious post soon
Till then



  1. Life is a pre-written story.
    An example:
    Sun - An energy is stored and diminishing day-by-day and nobody can enhance. Likewise life is a stored energy. Just try to add life into life - Thats the mantra.
    Ups-n-downs are part of life and we have to face it. The best ones face with smile.
    Smile plz.

  2. Even though you were forced wear lucky
    charms, i hope you had a slight beleif in that..
    Moreover, i totally agree to your last point. There s no fun if you know that you are gonna hav a trouble free lyf..The thrill lies in not knowing what lies ahead... ;)

  3. Hey its raining continuously here from abt 3 days. I love the rain!!

    hey, i would like to tag you.