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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Holiday Scribbles 6-And the award goes to..

Hi people,i know i promised to return with a serious post..But this is no where near to serious...:)..

The fact that the serious post has been postponed is that,i have been awarded and also had to finish a tag...

N b4 i show off my award,lemme reward the person who gave me my first award..this is 4 u,rohit...

So,here goes my first award..
Thanks to rohit...:)

The rules,directly from rohit's rule book

1. Tell 7 things about youself that nobody else knows.
2. Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3. Comment on their blogs to let them know that they are tagged.

As per the rules here are 7 things that no one knows about me..or which i think most of the people don't know..

1.I wanted to be a hair-dresser when i was young
2.My latest hobby is collecting matchbox sized wine-bottle replicas..
3.I feel really awkward when i have to ask for a favor from somebody
4.My favorite comic is Dilton(not Archies.i guess that will b a real surprise for atleast sm1)
5.I always get the creeps b4 going for a haircut...
6.I am normal most of the times,but if I get into the mood for something,I can be a very big control freak..
7.I can never remember the excat spelling of" recieved"..(this time,i cross checked).

ANd here goes.I am presenting this award and tagging the following fellow bloggers..
NJ, shibu, princess,
chandni, deigostar, rockus, hobo

so,that does it..
until the next post folks...



  1. Chitz

    Thank you very kindly... I noticed the new blog design. Pretty! God bless you :)

  2. Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !
    Re.: 7 things
    Discovering self again & again. Tough to say final hidden 7. Maybe will post about self one day.
    And Awards are Rewards to remind continue the hard work. Thanks for presenting the award but I do not accept chain awards. Sorry.

  3. thanks honey... for the award as well as for tagging me to your blog. I will carry on the tradition and award my fellow bloggers in return...

  4. n hey you have been awarded too. Check ma blog dear.

  5. @NJ:u r welcom..n u do deserve the kreative tag...:)

  6. @hobo:is ok..award or not,ur blog is gr8..:)

  7. @chandni:u r welcom dear..n thankx for the award..:)

  8. congrats chitz..i like the new look

  9. Oh my God!! Is this happening? Someone pinch me? Plzzzzzzzz

    Thank you so much!! I am so glad...!!
    As i always say.... Keep Blogging, Keep Inspiring!!


  10. 1. I really need a make over...will u help?
    2. This is great... seems interesting.... where do u get these?

    Honest replying.... great!!

  11. Thanks for the award! Wasn't expecting it! No more words! I lost my acceptance speech on the way here!

  12. @rockus: :)..hope u r doin well now..

  13. Fantastic blog...and congrats for all the awards. My blog at

  14. I am sorry but you still got the spelling of "received" wrong. This is the way it is - RECEIVED.