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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Tale From The Far East....

This is a post,which i posted sometime back and then deleted due to
1.sentimental reasons..
2.un clarified facts..

Now since the above 2 matters have been resolved,with due respect to everybody involved,i am re-posting it again..

Disclaimer:The article below is a narrative as heard by the author,and not a sprout from the author's imagination.The amount of truth in the article is left upto the readers imagination.

India is a land of many a folklore and myths..I wish to share over here a story i heard recently,prevalent in this part of the country....

Somewhere in the far far east of India,lies a small and quiet village..friendly people, beautiful surroundings and a serene atmosphere filled with the chanting of prayers from the monasteries..That would be the first impression of any outsider who sees the place for the first time..But nobody would ever imagine the horrific experiences witnessed by the people over there, decades back...And that is where our story begins...

It was 1962..the year of the Indo-China war..Chinese troops advancing at Indians who practically were at their wits end..It was when a soldier(exact name not given by the person who narrated the story to me),volunteered.He sneaked into the army territory ,performed a brave act which saved his troops from a great disaster...

But he did not live to tell the tale..

The soldier is now gone...But the people of the village say,he still visits them..Many have cited experiences of having seen him..They worship him as a deity,somebody who protects them and has erected a temple in his name..He is fondly called by the villagers as a respected "BABA"(or divine soul)..The Savior who guards and protects them and saves their land from the enemy hands..and is with them always...

The battalion to which " baba" belonged has also a similar story to say..Every officer and jawaans in the unit seems to have had sightings of baba..and at times he utters one or two words to them..He is still treated as a living member of the battalion, receiving greeting cards,invitations..with his uniform preserved and with him attaining higher ranks with time...

That is the story of the soldier turned hero turned a divine being...
The rational mind might disagree to believe it...
But the belief and the faith of the people in this small village,continues to remain strong through generations....


  1. A belief
    A faith
    Yes, miracles do happen.

  2. i guess its his death which gave him immortality..seen a movie called guardian??its similar

  3. well ya rational mind will never believe such thing as "BABA"....but all said and done, faith is supposed to be blind....cant help it.

  4. If I am not wrong then this place is Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and the soldier who laid down his life was Jaswant Singh and I am lucky that I am have been to his shrine in Jaswantgarh situated at a height of 12000ft. near Sela pass.

    P.S. thanks for the comment


  5. @ avneet..i heard the tawang story..but the one i mentioned supposedly happened in nathula

  6. @chitz ...ohk .. anyways :) ... a nice piece of info though .. thnx

  7. Hey don't know if I believe this story completely or not but it sure is written well.

  8. Am back at ur space aftear a loooong exile... I am guilty of not completing tag as well :(..

    An amazing read as usual yaar :D