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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some 8s...a tag again

A friend of mine happened to tag me again some time back..thought will complete the tag today....a long list of 8s…here goes…

8 TV shows you would like to watch

Uhmm…no tv show in particular I should say,be it a reality show ,a soap,movie or news..the choice is just random…so can’t list out anything in particular..well,bummer!!!

8 favourite places to eat

1.My home,where my mom is the chef..

2.The gol gappa wala’s at food bazaar

3.Pizza place

4.Ambrosia( A very good eatery at my hometown)

5.Coffee day

6.Hot and chilli at udhampur for its juicy tandoori chicken.

7.Any Punjabi dhaba for the lip smacking aaloo paranthas..

8.And finally my kitchen..well there is no odar way than to love it..anything for survival.. J

8 things I look forward to

1.going home for vacations.

2.having my birthday cake ordered at Mathews.. @ home

4.December..for the Christmas tree,winter and the spirit and joy the season brings trip to nathula

6.restarting my spanish lessons

7.visiting sai gram

8.buying a new cell phone.

8 things that happened yesterday

Apart from the normal routine,here goes

1.a quick visit to the beauty parlour

2.started off from the stopped section of “inheritance of loss’

3.brought a filmfare after a really long time

4.called up 2 of my old friends and chatted for long

5.a pimple appeared form nowhere on my face

6.went for the most boring party ever

7.burnt my ‘sabzi’ for lunch

8.had hubby’s old time friends over.

8 things I love about winter

1.the dipping temperature

2.the morning fog

3.the snow covered mountains

4.the late late mornings

5.the warmth of the heater while snuggling beneath the blanket

6.Having cold coffe in winters.

7.The drizzle,which makes the weather even more chillier.

8.the feel of snow mwlting in your hands.

And many many more….

8 things on my wish list

1. buy a guitar

2.visit Switzerland

3.Have a pup which will never grow up to be a real dog..

4.Go bac to udhampur

5.To go on an unlimited shopping spree

6.To meet ‘Tendulkar’ and have a pic wid him

7. to have a personal hairstylist and make up person.. buy a laptop..

8 things I am passionate about life family.

3 .a few friends. dreams doggies.. music collection.

7.collecting shoes,dresses and the likes…J

8.and my country(even though the feeling dawns only sometimes)

8 words/phrases I use often


2.seriously what?

4.ente daivame(translated o,my god) know


7.phonn(a nickname)

8.bliss(my doggy’s nam)

Guess that ends the list.

I am not tagging anyone..but everybody interested is welcome to complete dis….:)


  1. Hey nice blog....I loved Nathula...the lake is superb!! And i liked the 8 best things about winter...natural....amazing!!

  2. @rohit well,thts wht i here abt nathula..cant wait 2 go there..n winters..its my favourite,do i miss the winters bac in j n k..sob...:(

  3. one of ur previous articles, u had 150 only 8..wat happened to the rest 142? All fulfilled?

  4. @shaman:this is not my wishlist..this is a passed on tag by a friend,which i had to complete,n i jus had to mention 8 things....