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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My holiday scribbles 1- Do we or don't we?

I hereby categorize all the thoughts,musings,questions and feelings of my vactioning mind into "My Holiday Scribbles" series...:)

A small wondering..

They say change is the only constant in life..but i ask.."is it so"?...
Of course,change is inevitable...But there are certain things in your life which remains a constant without having added to it the factor called "change"..
Sitting back at my home after a loong many months,i realize that nothing in me has changed much..neither my habits nor my likings....nor my dreams...
Situations and surroundings change...and people might adapt to it..but the basic you always remain the same...
A quick look through all my old diary entries made me realize this fact about me...another step towards an unseen goal of self realization....

what do you say??


  1. Totally agree 2 dat chitz!!!

  2. true chitz...

    but change is the spice of life...
    and spices make it delicious....

    btw thanks for visting ma blog...
    Do come back... :)

  3. Each present day is a past tomorrow And we are part of it And that is a change 100% for each one of us.

  4. Yes the only thing constant in life is change... no one can avoid it....!! :P

  5. the basic me wont change...or rather must not change

  6. aah thats a no brainer :)..what is the secret of self realization by the way?

  7. @every1:i guess basic nature remains same,whatever..well goes 4 me..thanks all for ur comments..:)

    @ani:i dnt kno the secret..:P..discovering smthing new abt me,is a small step toward ita s far as i m concerned..:)

  8. It always good to change if you are changing for something better!!!

    I also believe that seeds of likings and dis-likings sown during early days of our lives, seldom fall away!!!

    A thoughtful post I must say!!!