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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My bengali diaries...part 6

The horrible summer heat is fading away..and the feel of the winter chill is closing in..

"winters are starting"..the thought dawned upon me in the late hours of yesterday night,sitting in the 'gazebo',enjoying the last moments of a party, feeling the cold breeze blowing and seeing 2-3 kids sleeping in the cots,covered up in sweaters...

The cots were kept in the party place owing to the party theme " Punjabi nite "..whole hearted attempts were made to create the essence of Punjab..the best thing I found about the party, apart from the food,was the style of dressing ..non-sardars donning "pagdis" and" long beards and mustaches" were quite a sight and quite unrecognizable from their usual and actual self..

Later into the party,we saw many of them becoming it was quite difficult for them to open their mouth for


The sight was hilarious when i saw for the first time whiskey being sipped through a straw..
well.. as they say..where there is a will,you will definitely find a way out!!

But some of them managed to have their attire stay untouched through out the whole party...thanks to the help of

with the help of which the face painting was done in place of artificial beards..

Innovative use of the shoe-polish,I must say!!

And that is a pic of happy santa and banta dancing away...

Apart from the party and fun,yesterday was a sentimental one for many as the party was a farewell party to one of the officers..But that is the way,life is over here..You tend to remain an vagabond..

That was yesterday's party...
Now the next big thing around the corner-"Diwali"

And on other notes...

Bliss has recovered from his injuries and is hale and hearty
Blessy is missing
(4 those who didnt understand who bliss and blessy are,please refer to the earlier parts of bengali diaries..)

And as i am penning this down,the huge road rollers are making horrendous noises,re-tarring an already tarred and well maintained road...what is the point,I ask...

And for me,just one more week left for my leave to begin..and i am counting days,happily!!!


  1. Cool New theme. Its giving a soft look to your blog.I liked it alot.

  2. @pieces of my thought: thankx shibu..even i was looking for a simple but elegant one...:)

  3. The 1st thing that caught my eyes s dat kiwi shoe polish..jst made me nostalgic..took me bak to d time wen doordarshan used to air the kiwi shoe polish ad. Gone are the good innocent days!! :(

  4. @priceofpersia :thankx for all ur comments..n the shoe polish ad mayb gone,bt i guess the stuff is still put to good use as you can c..:)