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Sunday, October 25, 2009

MY artisitc experiments...AGAIN

Been loong since i posted my artistic xperiments...

I have never done painting in my life...This is my first try at it...This painting is the result of a sudden inspiration i got one day at midnight..done with whatever watercolours i could find at my place...

Since i am still in double minds whether to frame it or not,Now this result of the sudden "art stroke" i had i spasted upon my wall,along with another one sketch and a few gypsy cards i made for an event..

Thats my wall,adorned by my "art" now...

The other one in the wall

And before i conclude here is another sketch

This is the result of a nostalgia which i had on hearing a song...
And now i wonder..y such a sketch??


  1. Believe me, you have an artist sleeping inside you. Just get her awoken and the colors will mark the way on the canvas in its own way.

  2. The last one is thinking brush.

  3. the second one with the red heart is

  4. Hey nice painting dear... u should try more....

  5. Thanx ppl..:)..@hobo: thinking brush??