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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Tidbits...

Disclaimer:the below are some tid-bidts ,which is crossing my mind currently,when i am penning this down..Nothing is pre-fabricated and all are the instantaneous musings of my a very disorderd manner

blogger does act weird at times...m finally able to see my page after almost 12 hrs of desperately trying to login.Desperately because of the reason that i had an idea which i wanted to put in2 black and white..and now when i get to see my blogger page,i feel BLANK!!

so,what is new?
murphy's law acting again...

yesterday,it was a 'black-out' day for the complete city.The maintainence work went overtime than scheduled leavong us poor citizens groping in the darkness and using up our invertor batteries(which i dont have) and our emergency light batteries(which i have) to get an invertor soon,Atleast you will b spared from the sticky sticky sweat,which forms suddenly throughout your body..thank god,there are no blood sucking mosquitoes here..period.

3 days before,it was raining hard..and i got to see a rainbow..actually it was a double rainbow..never seen a formation like that at such close quarters!!it was amazingly beautiful..too bad,i didnt have a camera at that time to capture it.

2 days before,i came upon a video.It was a animation of a hippo and a dog.
A funny one.its called the pat and the Stanley show,where pat is the hippo and stanley the dog..
its worth a watch

well and again,i got a party to take care of..If i take dis seriously as a profession,i might get paid well at it..coz i think and i know i am pretty good at it..

n again,my vacation time is coming..gonna take a month of vacation back at my home..i like it at my home,where i can be who i am..but enter the saga of visiting people ..whom i have never seen before,nor will i remember if i see them again..i get back thinking..god is this a vacation??
fake smiles,fake pretenses..n the usual questions...
"hi dear?how r u?any good news??...oh,no.!!you know,u r running outta time.."
which leaves me thinking.."god,is the age of 24 considered to be too old nowadays,to start a family?"
one day i am pretty sure i will mouth out to my so called well wishers..

apart from that drama,i am sure i will njoy my vacations with the usual fights wid my sister and the high voltage drama from my mom..,which i miss over here...:).well mom is active to an extent..for her even the phone is enough!!

vacations for me also includes lots of sweating on my treadmil,an extra lot actually..This is a necessity since the "love and care' of your parents actually shows on you after the holidays...and late realization comes when your jeans become very hard to button up..i can't take the risk,which i took once...and i love my treadmill for being there with me and putting me back to shape!!

and vacations also means lotts of shopping..which i have to do distime,coz the place i am staying is nothing less than a 'shopper's paradise'...i am a born shopaholic i guess!!take me shopping and i will be in seventh heaven...

finally i am out of my ps:i love you hangover..A vodka would have failed to give me such a hangover!!!

Saw in the news today that the jet pilots are on a mass sick leave!!wtf!!don't they have any other methods of protest..once again "we the people" are bearing the brunt...

One more interesting breaking news i saw todays..2 cabinet ministerd have evacuated their "5-star hotel rooms".which they have been staying in for the past 3 months..jus bcoz thy didnt hve their stately mansions furnished for the past 2 months or so,they opted to stay in a measly 5-star hotel room,for this loong...what irony!!!!!

chal folks,gotta leave now..not that i am out of thoughts are unstoppable,sometimes funny,sometimes boring,sometimes serious so on and so forth..Its just that i chose to take a short break..

Thankx people for sitting through my disorderd thought process...

Until the next blog(which will be ,hopefully tomorrow)..

Ciao folks..
b good,do good...


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