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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Of Dreams And Life....

It was a village where basic amenities like electricity was unheard of.the villagers were self sufficient,building their own houses,and raising their own crops...and the whole of the village depended on one store for their basic amenities,..well,they didn't have much other choice of shopping..

our hero comes from such a village.but he was different from the rest..he dared to dream big..a huge big i must say..and he made it too..BIG BIG he can feed his whole village daily with half his monthly income..and well he does his share of good deeds too..:)

This is not a fictitious story..its the true life of one of my friends,whom i came to know recently...wanted to use the real name,but our hero being a hero..prefers to remain behind the curtains....

There are rags to riches stories..thn there are riches to riches,riches to rags.. and a huge section.. somewhere in between rags and riches...which take up most of the space in the pie-chart...the rags section of society take a chance ,because they have nothing to lose..the riches section of the strata always take chances because,they have more than plenty in their hands..the 'middle-class' section in the society,most of the times tend to remain middleclass,xcept for a few daring ones who treaded the offbeat path....and even if you try to stray frm the set path,believe me there will be a lots of 'ifs', 'nos' and 'buts' to hold you back...

there are people who dream..some of them they wake up and make their dreams come true..some others are quite happy living in their dream world..and making their dreams remain dreams..but there are a few who wake up,work for their dreams..but still..their dreams will always remain dreams...and thats what 'unfulfilled dreams ' are made of..always a dream,never muchever you want to!!!

And there is a factor which comes into play,which we all call lady luck...some guys are the luckiest ever..n some,never had a brush of that in their life.

They say"Never let go of your dreams,because if dreams die,life becomes a broken winged bird,that cannot fly"..

What if you become broken winged and die finally,chasing those unfulfilled dreams?
How can you change the fact that some broken dreams will always remain so??

I sometimes wonder...
We work,we sweat..n we sometimes almost die trying for something,N still lady luck wont smile at us..
Any clue why????


  1. It's rightly said that 'Hero live the dreams, rather than living in the dreams."

  2. dream...for it is the possibility of a dream come true that makes a life interesting...!!..been the motto of my life so far...good post...whos that guy??

  3. @princes:hes manus keep on visitin my blog @shibu:truly said my frnd.

  4. life has always a balancing influence... which we dnt realise. if we r not lucky at sumetin, there r other things which we r really lucky at.. which we usually ignore..
    nice blog btw..

  5. @shashi.. thanx for ur comment..mayb u r rite..mayb tht som small ray of hope might b too small to deter our attention frm our main unfulfilld dream..