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Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Smoking Please!!!

Smoking and smokers never fail to irritate me.Here are some pics i got in a mail today.Thankx to my friend Jaisindh, :) .They are interesting,thought generating and very true.
Have a look...

So ppl at the other end of the fire pipe,whts your say on this?

Make the world a better place for every1 to live in by not smoking......



  1. These are all excellent. The one's involving kids are heart-breaking.

  2. here is some pretty gross anti smoking adds. Check them out:

  3. Cool. Ur No Smoking Zone Rocks.
    Keep It Up.

  4. @everybody: thanx 4 the comments blogging forces me 20 shorten my comments..:(

  5. Very powerful images. I don't smoke so can't give you any deeper insight - except to say that - what puzzles me most is that most smokers know fully that it is harmful to their health. And still do it. I wonder how you can beat that.

    I think people should be more educated about passive smoking. I usually just walk out if someone is smoking - no matter what the event or the occasion - I just can't take it.

    Nice Blog by the way.


    - Sanket