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Saturday, September 19, 2009

my bengali diaries..part 5

anodar recap of my bite wid the bengali mishti..its puja n celeb times out here..'pandals' of every shape n size adorning the roadsides (will defenitely upload the pics of tht soon)..n the so called mainroad has bcom even more cramped,bustling wid ppl n dis time no ones complaining.guess the spirit of the festive season is full on..thts all 4 now folks..resources n time is forcing me to stop..will b bac wid a more detailed version soon. till then folks....... keep blogging cheerz....

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  1. I was in Bengal at my childhood days for 2 years. The best memory I have of Bengal is the juicy Ras gulla and the colorful Holi celebrations.