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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A He & A She...

He was softspoken while she was a drama queen. . he liked summers while she loved winters..he prefered the warmth of the home while she wanted to c the world..he liked the sober touch while she prefered the outgoing..his brain ruled him while her heart ruled her completely.. he was into scifi and thrillers while she liked romance..he liked it simple while she wanted it colourful..he prefered tea while she stuck to coffee..he said yes when she said no..he said no when she said yes..they were like that..they still are like that.. they r poles apart at times..but put togedar,they r the best..they complement and complete each odar.. and its true.. "Opposites do attract".. And so goes on the story of my life. ...


  1. Life is a pre-written. story.
    Enjoy the Act no matter Yes or No.

  2. Yes ... and we call them ... "Husband" and "Wife"!!

    Thankz for leaving the comment!!

  3. i'm in love with ur blogs.
    Ur articles r short n simple n they makes me smile.

  4. merging the differences to similarities makes two individuals husband and wife.

  5. @ everybody..thanx for ur comments..and yup..those individuals can be poles apart somtimes.. n they r definetley called husband and wife..:)