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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welfare of stray dogs

Disclaimer:I am just writing this article as a dog lover to spread awareness about stray dog welfare.i have adopted two stray dogs.I do not have any personal involvement in the management of WSD.

WELFARE OF STRAY DOGS(WSD) is a non-profit organization set up in Mumbai.All their activities leads to the cause of the welfare of stray dogs.Their main motives are the control of rabies by mass sterilization and to control dog population in a way which is humane and which abides by the prescribed laws and regulations.Education of the public about rabies and and trying to get stray dogs adopted are also in their worksheet.Fund raising by this organization is through donations and sponsored programmes like garage sales.

to know more abt stray dogs and wsd activities,visit

love dogs,be educated about stray dogs,try and help the stray dog population in every way possible by you...after all they were ,is and will always remain man's best friend

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