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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Non Real Reality shows

Havent we had enough of dis?? Scripted dramas which are supposed to be real...
blurting out all your truths in the open n getting paid for it!n all those histrionics and tissue wetting drama for som questions they had previously asked u??
surviving in a jungle,ha..what a joke...u be in a jungle all these days n u turn out like tht??
n a bollywood bimbette marrying..tht too in reality tv????
n finally mismatched judges....a actor judging a singer's capability ,huh?
It was much better off in the days of 'crystal maze' and 'aaj ki aawaz'...and our vey own Mr.Bachan's KBC...
seriously..i wonder y the TRP ratings r still high for these prescripted dramas?
Isnt it high time for something less boring and more entertaining???


  1. i watch iss jungle se mujhe bachao...for the sheer dumb value...just to see how dumb people can act..and to what extremes they will go to get it bathing in a bikini..or being like palak...thn bout the was the most hilarious show...she said she wud marry in the final episode..then finally she just got engaged...and well...her expressions when those guys were talking to her..was just....hehehahahhohoh...!!!!!!...reality tv sucks...u r right..i really miss crystal maze...!!!

  2. seriously the swayamvar was the most hilarious..n taking the pallu in frnt of her wud b inlaws while wearin a all-revealing dress...god!!!!