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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my bengali diaries -part 3

nothing pleasant to write here..the bandh not been called off,unpredictable weather which hampers our lives n 'electricians' who assume themselves to b the most important beings on planet earth ,n the fact of managing a house n its problem all alone is making my days here more n more tough!!!!..

my opinion -a person shud be given basic n practical training in electric jobs,plumbing and all other a stitch in time saves nine jobs from their childhood.My experiences over here r making me say this.

well bitter experiences made me understand how adaptable n flexible humans are.i m sleeping without fan or cooler for the past 2 days,as my the cooling devices in both my bedrooms n my drawing room went on a strike.well the fact that it rains over here almost continuously nowadays also helps.N by any chance i feel hot,i shift to my makeshift bed in my dining hall,where the fan works..feels like i m camping out in the dining hall!!

N i have practically adopted two stray pup-dogs(nt pups,not fully grown dogs yet)..bliss n blessy..who r my bodyguards,following me everywhere i go...bliss seems to be of the fighter race as hes always picking up fights..hes been rechristened as "scary the n***(the last word being a local slang in Malayalam,)... hes on natural treatment for his scars now,which makes the turmeric box in my kitchen go empty.while blessy,shes a thin,doe-eyed sober female....y cant bliss learn from sister??

an altered sleep timing, incomplete writing assignments(leading to permanent switch off of my cell phones) n a thrown off the hook food cycle..these r my achievements of living alone for the past 1 n a half weeks..which makes me look like the physical n emotional mess i am

well thts my story over here so far..btw i have started up picking bits n pieces of bengali,only bits n still ....

to be contd..hopefully on a positive note....

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