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Saturday, August 15, 2009


The king of bollywood sharukh khan,was detained at an airport in the US,as there were some issuses related to his surname.He was left off later only after intervention by embassy authorities.Sharukh was on his way to attend an independence day celebration in The US which was also to be attended by other bollywood celebs.Its an ironic incident to happen ,when sharukh is currently shooting for a movie named "My name is Khan".

the video link

Why this preferential treatment???
Around two months ago there was this untolerable treatment shown towards the Indian passengers of a air france flight. Then the racist treatments vented out to the Australian students.Almost a month and a half ago,we saw the unnecessary frisking of our former president dr.Abdul Kalam Azad by an international airlines..and now this..Aren't Indians given the due respect they r supposed to get outside their nation?Are the times progressing forward or backward???


  1. the whole world is afraid of India's upcoming they can't fight China so brunt is on India