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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i love to travel a i hate travelling alone..sometimes it turns out to be a big bore.....n most importantly,the chances of something goin wrong are high.Once i went to board the flight a day before the ticket was actually booked..n some other time,they canceled the flight just like that!!

the landing and the take off of the flights always make the gray,white and fluid matter and each and every molecule remaining in my head go topsy-turvy.I feel someone has just pumped liquid in my head, is shaking it left,right and center..

the last time i traveled alone,it was a long journey...from down south to the 'chicken -neck' portion in the map of India...getting up early,actually very early..changing two flights..for me even thinking about that was hell..but i had to...probs started from step 1..a flight which was supposed to arrive at the domestic terminal arrived at the international terminal..the little bit of luck i had saved me from missing my flight that day...

the airport fiasco continued at the second airport waiting room,not enough chairs to be seated...n me with a big sleepy head and two big bags of luggage,stood there waiting..and smtimes falling asleep too..while standing....i didn't know the worst was yet to come..the trouble caused by a teeny weeny blade which creeped into my luggage without my knowledge had me stalled at the security check for a considerable amount of time..and finally when they realized i was no danger to the country n its people,the call for the flight had already come...

seated in the flight,near the emergency exit..i came to know the real value of food and the meaning of the term 'hunger' it from the front or back,by the time the food trolley reached our position,it would have been empty!!!n i had to sit there drinking water and eating 'sugar free natura'!!!!!

That was the first flight in my life when i had a non-talkative neighbor.Well,the lady next to me,she had things to engross herself.Her mouth never had a rest,since she was always engaging her teeth to chewing,chewing and more chewing..when i ws sitting hunger-stricken next to her...

Finally the journey which i had thought will never end,came to an end after taking a long 12 hours of my day..n man,was i happy it ended!!!!

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