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Sunday, August 30, 2009


was goin through some old folders in my computer when i came across this...

many of my ideas are similar with garfield in this context...
like say i wud want the mornings to come as late as possible and wud lke the nights to go on on and on...and if sleeping was an olympic event i wud definitely have been a tough contender..:D
there are many times even i wished i had an universal remote for make things go according 2 my will n wish,...n i wish for one day it wnt really rain on my turf,whn i dnt want it to..coz tht usually happens in my life,as i feel my life is a demonstration of MURPHY'S LAW sometimes...
Life wud b good for u in ur perfect world ,right?do u guys share wid garfield and me any of these ideas??


  1. Garfield ... girl you remind me of those wonderful days ... when the first thing I used to look for is Garfield and Sudoku .. wish I can go back ... but life won't take a U turn !!

    Anyways thanks for following ... get in the habit of leaving a comment too :P

  2. Totally Hilarious!!
    Wish these thoughts became a reality!!!