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Monday, August 10, 2009

a day like a gypsy......

i lead a nomadic could say i am a modern day it was interesting when i had to don the role of a gypsy for a day...n more intersting was the facts that i learnt about are some of them

-the origin of gypsies was supposed to be from india
-the term gypsy is coined from the egyptian word Gyptians
-the gypsies migrated from europe to northern india in the 18th century
-they are a vagabound race with no permanant homes
-they make their living by their age old occupation of fortune telling which includes crystal ball reading,tea leaves reading,palmistry and fortune telling...
-some very famous personalities like Charlie Chaplin,Picasso and Elvis Presley were of gypsy origin...

there is more and more to the interesting gypsy factfiles...

playing a gypsy was fun and also kinda hardwork as you had to recreate a gypsy time-period in our party hard work paid ,n the party had bcom a gr8 hit...:)

below are some of the tarot cards i created for the gypsy fortune teller....

below is our gypsy fortune teller's area furnished with crystal ball,magic wand,tarot cards and oujjah board...


  1. interesting facts on gypsies......

  2. How come u knw so much about gypsies? r u planning to be one??kidding!
    nice info..

  3. You have excellent command over the language. Why can't you put it creatively.
    Read the selected short stories of either O Henry or Guy De Maupassant to perfect techniuqe of story telling.
    Take it seriously.
    One day you can be another Arundathi
    Roy one day.
    With best wishes.

  4. @ rashmi:i was a event co-ordinator for a gypsy theme party..:D

  5. @ bichu:thank you soo much for your comments.but i dont think creative writing is my cup of tea..i just scribble down what comes to my mind..but i guess there is no harm in trying my hand at it too..:)..plz do keep posting your comments....

  6. thanks for the gypsy gyan...and you are looking good.enjoy upcoming parties ;)

  7. @nive:thankx yar..m kinda a gypsy now...u can come to me for my fortune telling services...:)