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Thursday, August 20, 2009

the chilly mornings...

mornings are becoming kind of very cold here..not only mornings,the whole day in fact..but you tend to notice the morning chill more because it makes you very difficult to drag yourself out of the bed...

no,winter hasn't dawned yet...its only august..but it is raining heavily and continuously ,without a break for almost the past 5 days..

rains remind me of my previous stay in the beautiful state of j n k where the clouds used to visit the earth when it rained,and snow covering up the mountains during the much more beautiful can it get?

seeing the weather over here,one can't believe that you are living in a country which has been declared 50% drought hit due to acute rainfall shortage...if it had rained throughout the country like this,then they would have declared it flood stricken..

the bad part of these rains..landslides in the nearby hills and mud,mud n mud everywhere outside and creatures,creepy ones too,that seems to pop out from nowwhere...

but still,i love the rains..i was cursing the rains 2 days back coz it was delaying my flight..
bt now i am enjoying my rainy days out here with a cup of cold coffee in the mornings..i know,rains and cold coffee seems to be a weird combo,but i am loving it!!!

and i am waiting , to take another walk in the rains,

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