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Monday, July 13, 2009


tagged once again by shamz......gotta blog after a loong time.....
well here goes...

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

well was a student till the year before ,so didnt have the oppurtunity to take up 4 jobs..well unpaid jobs are quite a the 2 jobs i did in the last one year was that of teaching and that of a medical/conten/academic writer...

Four jobs you wish you had

lately only one job i can remember...being a host at one of of those travel n living shows where u get to travel worldwide at the best part is tht at not your expense..n yea i wished i cud b a professional dancer in kathak..dancing out to my heart's content...:)..i found out tht 9 to 5 jobs arent suited for me....:D

Four movies you can watch over and over again

Well...i cud watch the madagascar series over n over again...:D..ITS A LAUGHING RIOT...thn comes just like heaven,troy and city of angels....

Four TV shows you love to watch

well only one and thts FRIENDS...:)...can watch ne no of times....

Four websites you visit daily
daily browsing has bcome kinda low if i browse it wud be my gmail,orkut,facebook,buzz18 and my blog..:)

Four of your favorite foods
not at all a foodie...
bt love chocolates(if u consider it as a food)
thn chicken(failed miserably in my to be a veg attempt)
gol gappas
n aloo parathas..:)

Four things you won’t eat
a lobster
momos(never in my life..i always feel its half cooked)...
ne meat other thn chicken
n yea pappaya(i hate it)

Four things you wish you could eat right now

nothing...i m quite full wid pizzas rite now...:)

Four things in your bedroom

Four things you wish you had in your bedroom

wish to shift the computer bac to my bedroom thn the guest room
nothing bedroom is already full:)

Four things I’m wearing right now
baisc clothing which makes a person look apperarable n decent in public..
my ngagement ring

One place I’d rather be right now
newhere cold..its damn hot here...

One fictional place I’d rather be right now "centrel perk"..the hangout place of friends...

Four people you’d really love to have dinner with

- My family ofcourse..n there are more than 4 ppl to it...

Four things I am thinking right now

when will the stupid bandh goin in darjeelin will end so tht i can visit it b4 my leave comes to an end..
have to call up my mother..
shud get an airconditioner..its damn hot..
thts it..not 4 jus 3 in my mind rite now..

Four of your favorite things/people
My family includin my doggies...:D
MY Frnds smriti(ironically 2 of my fave frnds have the same name)
My car
My friends dvd collection

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