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Saturday, July 25, 2009

my bengali diaries-2

the bandh in darjeeling has almost made us immobile...strict orders are issued as not to go up the hills...which leaves us with no odar option thn jus roam around the city n its only mall..which we like have done a hundred of times...gorkhland strike is makin us ppl who wana go to darjeelin so tht we cud view the newly released pics at INOX(the only one of its kind for a very long distance) these parts of bengal there are more gorkha ppl thn true blue bengalis......hope the issue gets settled soon and wht shud be done will b done by whomsoever concerned...@least 4 the sake of 'beautiful' darjeeling...

n down the hills ,in the foothills where we live,the weather is gettng horrible n horrible day by day...blame it on global warming(which nowadays everybody blames upon),a place which was supposed to get continuous rainfall for 2 weeks,is jus been blessed by the sight of rainclouds,which always teases us n never pours down..while the driest desert in chile is receiving snow @ dis time of the year...

seriously the gods must be crazy....or are we jus bearing the brunt of the craziness we have done in the past n is still doin???

to be continued......


  1. Rains have been delayed most places this year, hopefully clouds will find their way across.

  2. Just came across your blog...i live in Bengal too but so far i have seen only the rural Bengal and the good old city of joy. Everytime i plan a trip to Darjeeling, some political disturbance comes up around there.
    Anyway, looking forward to the next pages of your bengali diaries. Happy blogging(in case you don't write out of pain).

  3. @ amit:as loong as i have known(n it 'll b 2 months long) darjeelings been out of bounds.....
    n yea..i blog happily...nt out of Pain...:)

  4. @ ANIL:n finally today the rain gods have finally shown mercy on us...:)