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Friday, May 1, 2009

excatly 2 more weeks left of my vacation..n in this late phase of my holidays,the bloggin spree is got in2 me again..mayb the dawn of the fact tht i wnt b able to blog like dis
(leave alone tht..i even dnt kno whn i will c a full fledged internet connection)after 2 weeks till time infinity which i cnt predict is forcing me to sit in front of the comp n spurt out everythin on my blog,which was i guess kinda inactive for smtime..compared to the rate and the passion at which i used to blog whn i started the last month of the previous jump in2 the blogging scenario( last september,whn i signed up 4 blogger)..was induced by the words of a frnd as a method of making money september saw no blogs frm me ,seriously didnt even feel like fillin up my profile leave alone makin money frm it....the blog was forgotten until december ,whn i got access to the net again..was confused as wht to write in my first post..n started wid an intro..thn there was no lookin bac .my blog bcame smthin like my diary which i used to miss very dearly..whn i felt sad i used to blog,whn i was happy i used to blog thus bcame a medium of lettin out my emotions..happiness..sadness..frustrations n weird thought processes which occur to me quite frequently...enter vacations n i guess i got the writers now as my holidays r comin to an end,i m drawn more n more in2 this world of thoughts,expressions n views....dis world of words where i can laugh aloud n cry aloud..n spurt out each n everythin which comes up in my mind,whithout thinking twice...i love my blog..its really my space..n yea i love u visiors too,especially the ones who keep on comin bac again n again.thanx to feedjit..jus tht it wud have been nice if i knew who was feels good 2 kno tht my blog is being read ..makes me feel like jottin down more(crap or non crap..i guess there 'll b takers for everthing..thnk god we all dnt think alike..:) )..n i m gona miss all this after 2 weeks..very very badly..hope my net connection bcomes active soon out there...hope my blog dosent bite the dust...all these i hope ,pray n wish 4..god knows whts in store for me @ the new place....


  1. hey, you will surely get the connection soon,for we have to be in contact,right?