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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

100 things about me..

came upon a site where a guy had described 100 things about him..thought i 'll give it a wnt neway be a waste of time as i have nothing better 2 do random order,,as it comes to my mind.. begin with,i am a female,24 yrs old
2.i m an engineer by qualification but a writer by profession
3.i love my family(even though i guess nowadays they doubt the authencity of it)
4.i like the colour pink
5.i enjoy driving
6.i love chocolates
7.i cant do without music
8.sometimes i can be a very big procastinator
9.i love dogs but i hate cats(n i m allergic to cat fur)
10.i am a shopaholic
11.i love my jeans
12.i love working out and sweating daily on my tread mill
13.i am very much afraid of heights hair is my best feature and have done all the experiments i can on it
15.i love artistic people
16.given a chance i would like to learn the guitar
17.i l have learnt my bit of dancing
18.i like reading and michael chricton is my favourite author
19.the most beautiful thing i have ever seen is snow..
20.i prefer the mountains to the sea anyday
21:my sun-sign is scorpio
22.i think hugh jackman ,george clooney n richard gere are the ultimate hunks
23.i am not a foodie,n given a chance i will skip food most favourite possession till date is a greeting card gifted to me by my sis 10 yrs bac..
25.i hate MCPs n hypocrites
26.My favourite subject in school was maths
27.I feel guys who play the guitar are the most delectable ones
28.the best movie i have seen so far is city of angels stomach gets topsy turvy whn i go on a swing
30.i dont mind having a shot of vodka sometimes
31.i hate smokers
32.i love to travel dream destination is switzerland
34.i have been hospitalised once
35.i still believe i saw astronauts on my garden wall at nite whn i was 4(though no one belives me)
36.i want to know the mystery person who visits my blog regularly and at frequent intervals from decatur and goes without leaving a comment even
37.i hated my chemistry teacher back at school
38.i seriously want the airlines to increase the allowance of check in and cabin baggage
39i hate politics but i still vote
40.i hate to wake up early
41.i can get emotional pretty fast favourite animation movie is madagascar
43.the first book i ever remember reading is tinkle
44.i would like to own a private yatch
45:i love coffe,especially cold coffee favourite hangout place is coffee day
47.i hate cooking but i like baking cakes
48i hate curly hair
49.i never believed in the system of arranged marriages
50.i arranged my marriage
51.i believe my husband is one of the handsomest guys around
52.i still vividly remember a dream i had 12 years ago
53.i look best with my hair open
54.i hate the fact that tomorrow is unpredictable
55i am trying to be a vegetarian
56.i hate my "sometimes very sharp tounge"
57.i would like to be a active member of CRY
58.i believe in the equality of the sexes
59.i hate it whn ppl tell me what to and what not to do favourite fruit is orange favourite board game is 'life'.
62.patience is not my virtue
63.i would like to trace my family tree.
64.i can never get it straight with a thread and needle
65.i try my hand at sketching sometimes
66.i very much like 2 pose for a photograph(i think i luk gud in thm)
67.i like playing sudoku
68.i hate going to a dentist
69.winter is my favourite season
70.i would like 2 make a book out of my blog entries
71.i dont like sharing my chocolate with anyone
72.i am right handed,but i can draw with my left hand
73.i dread the thought of dark circles around my eyes
74.i love partying
75.i dont snore(thts wht i am told)
76.archie is my fave comic book
77.i hate pappayas bloog group is b+
79.i have never donated blood
80.i am currently trying to learn spanish
81.i love having scented candles all over my home
82.i would like 2 wake up to the sight of snow capped mountains every morning
83.i miss POGO(our pup)
84.i lost my mobile last week
85.november is my favourite month
86.i blog almost everyday now
87.i love collecting lipstick
88.i am clumsy with the chopsticks
89.i believe tendulkar is the greatest cricketeer of all times
90.i hate washing dishes
91.i discontinued my studies for marrying the person of my dreams
92.i never regret doing that till date
93.i can be very irritating at times
94.i dont like fish n will never ever cook fish in my life
95.i have a mole on my right cheek
96.i want to have a tatoo bt i m not allowed to favourite number is 7 first serious crush was john keats
99.i still have his old photo cutting frm a newspaper with me
100.i have my collection of diaries of the past 10 years.


  1. I dont care !!!! hahahhaha... just kidding... u r beetipull... hahaha... thats all i care...

  2. Point Number 55:Trying to be vegetarian...

    Excellent!!! Way to go..

    You will see the difference in your mind if you are sensitive enough..

  3. u really have time in your hands :P

  4. First to comment and I glad to :)
    I am new to this blogs. I was exploring through the blogs for past 4 days and I must accept this is one posting which I read completely... I really liked the way you posted about you :)

  5. @iquest :yup..m trying hard at it..:)

  6. @lancelot:these r golden days..after a week,mayb i 'll update my blog once in a month..n tht too if time permits..:(

  7. @ i like you:is there any relevance of ur comment in dis post?

  8. @raghu:u r nt the thts no probs..thanx u took interst in my blog...:)

  9. It was looong and lancelot said it write.. U have tym in your hand :)... Nonetheless its a good piece and Cherished reading it..

    Now you are giving a shock to your blog followers, if you really meant that you are gonna be a part-timer like most of us... :((

    Hope you were kidding about that :)

    Hey... wats MCP???
    Ref- 25.i hate MCPs n hypocrites

    Eh... Am I sounding outdated.... :(

  10. @shamz:i m nt kidding ..dnt know whn 'll i blog again after a week..this is the fact tht makes me more n more attached 2 d blogpsphere nowadays...even i wish the state of affairs werent so...:(

    n MCP...well u askd it,so m saying it...its..male chauvinist pig

  11. Girl!! thats some profiling u've done of urself!....tis nice.

  12. Hmmm... Stay close to blogosphere always...

    And MCPs... I dont think there are many out in today's world :)


  13. @kiran:thanx..diggin up a 100 was fun..:)

  14. @shamz:even i dnt want 2 evade the blogosphere..n me,there r still some out there among u good guys..

  15. great... you found 100 things about you. it's tough to find 1 true thing about ourselves.. All our time gets wasted in surveying others.

  16. Ohh different people can have some common points.

    I've got few point for my 100 ;-)from urs :-)

    86 with feb

    but I don't think I've understood myself enough to list down 100, it's quite a task ma'am. Great effort.

  17. @akhil:it was actually we share around 23 common features..:)

  18. yeah, 23 is not bad given some of your choices were typically feminine. 100, ohhh I can better score a century in a match but finding 100 things about myself is a daunting task. So if I oneday choose to find them, these 23 (cheated ones) will help me out ;-).

    Like your way of writing, open clear and no compromise in the way you think. Appreciate your work.

  19. @ akhil:thanx..n its quite natural tht some choices r typically feminine..:) belive me,it was fun dissing up 100 things abt urself...

  20. I'm in a process of learning how to write. For writing one needs a thinking mind along with the power of literature, I'm a bit unfortunate in the later. The reason I keep on exploring different and good blogs.

    Someday, I'll also be able to write 100 things about me. Till then the exploration will continue ......

  21. @akhil:thts nice..good luck wid ur blog..:)