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Thursday, April 9, 2009

my no 13

no 13...hailed as unlucky by many...dreaded by many if if the 13th of the month happens 2 b a i seem 2 b stuck up wid my no 4 quite sm time..startin frm my 8th grade where i was no 13....i was roll no 13 thruout 4 years of my coleg...n whn i got my first house it was quarter no 13...n finally my driivn test is also on the 13th of may...quite a loong stint wid 13 i seriously i dnt think the no has affected me in ne way...mayb u need 2 have a mind 2 believe so...2 believe in the luck n unluck brought upon by these nos...well...4 me..i 'm waitin 4 the many more 13s in my life....

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