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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my little pink book

yup..this is the latest addition to the list of my most precious mumbo jumbos..well it a'int nethin like the little black book...well i guess it can b called a collection of my thoughts...a spring of thoughts actually...being jottin down whtever i feel like,whtever i c n find interestin in2 it...quite an interestin hobby i wud say...if u like jottin done crappy n non-crappy stuff...:D.
i feel my thoughts n hobbies r gettin unconventional day by day..ha well..its nt necessary to live by the book always,i never wanted 2 live by the i found tht if u dnt do so..u 'll b seen as differnt..different as in weird.....n well u 'll b forced to lead the normal routine of life...if not the society ,emotional obligations 2 ur family will force u to...
well i was talkin abt my book..the the book has bcome like kind a part of me...the book is kinda cute.wid pink flowers..the pink flowers practically dragged me towards it...well its nothing like i m obsessed wid i must say,i like pink..i feel its cute n happy n fresh...atleast it makes my mind feel good ...n thts y this book is in my hands,thn ne other black,brown or gray book...
hope to have a long journey 2gedar wid dis pink book of mine...:)

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