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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IPL fever is raging high thruout ...n my humble home isnt spared too...the war cries at my home r gettin louder n louder ay by day ...its sachin Vs dravid...(My sis Vs my cuz)...hmm..i m a nt a fanatic as the ones u get to see @ my home..n me well m wid sachin..always n forever..i diolize him....if he was in deccan chargers or ne odar team instead of mum indians,thn definitely my loyalties wud hav shifted in favour of thm....:D

The best part i like abt this season's IPL is the fake IPL wht a guy..hope its a guy finally!!...everytime u c a kkr player..u tend to think,is he or isnt he the one??whtever it may b its sm quite interestin facts n figures hes presentin 2 the public daily wid all the very intriguing pseudonames..........i seriously wud like 2 kno who he is...if i had a genie in the bottle i wud have spent my one wish on knowin the real 'fakeiplplayer'...

an hr b4..the kolkota knight riders lost again ..against the bewada team..jus like the fake ipl player wud hav predicted,..:)


  1. From his latest blog entry -
    P.P.P.P.P.S. I have decided to retire from all forms of cricket after IPL. I will disclose my identity on our last match day., so if you had a genie, you need not waste your wish :-)

  2. yea,i know...hes announced my decision well after my post..well at least my genie is saved..:)