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Friday, April 17, 2009

2 vote or not to vote??mayb for manyits a personal i feel as a dutiful citizen u shud vote...we cnt try 2 change a system,whn we stand aloof and away frm it...try 2 reform our sysytem by being a part of it...try to nt only claim our rights,bt also xcersie our these both always go hand in hand...

yesterday i exercised my right 2 vote...yesterday was a day when common man was the king...whn we the people had in our hands, the choice of decidin the future of the country..

wht will b tht future,only time 'll tell...n i wish n pray its a worthy wait....:)


  1. Gud tht u vote, better not to expkt anything better. i hv my opinion too abt indian polls, if u could read Malayalam visit my blog.

  2. @akhil:happy 2 kno u share my views.. afterall whts democracy if we dnt take part in it..

  3. yeah, cuz sitting and talking about the system in your drawing room is very easy. If we ourselves cannot think of our betterment who else will. Politicians are not to be blamed as we are the one who choose them.

    The right we give them, they use as their power and then these public servants become dictators.

    Carry on.