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Thursday, April 30, 2009

artistic experiments-3

i kno.the fingers look kinda crippled...well i tried to make it like the fingers were folded turned out like this...cnt get the hang of fingers..still workin on it..:p

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IPL fever is raging high thruout ...n my humble home isnt spared too...the war cries at my home r gettin louder n louder ay by day ...its sachin Vs dravid...(My sis Vs my cuz)...hmm..i m a nt a fanatic as the ones u get to see @ my home..n me well m wid sachin..always n forever..i diolize him....if he was in deccan chargers or ne odar team instead of mum indians,thn definitely my loyalties wud hav shifted in favour of thm....:D

The best part i like abt this season's IPL is the fake IPL wht a guy..hope its a guy finally!!...everytime u c a kkr player..u tend to think,is he or isnt he the one??whtever it may b its sm quite interestin facts n figures hes presentin 2 the public daily wid all the very intriguing pseudonames..........i seriously wud like 2 kno who he is...if i had a genie in the bottle i wud have spent my one wish on knowin the real 'fakeiplplayer'...

an hr b4..the kolkota knight riders lost again ..against the bewada team..jus like the fake ipl player wud hav predicted,..:)

my little pink book

yup..this is the latest addition to the list of my most precious mumbo jumbos..well it a'int nethin like the little black book...well i guess it can b called a collection of my thoughts...a spring of thoughts actually...being jottin down whtever i feel like,whtever i c n find interestin in2 it...quite an interestin hobby i wud say...if u like jottin done crappy n non-crappy stuff...:D.
i feel my thoughts n hobbies r gettin unconventional day by day..ha well..its nt necessary to live by the book always,i never wanted 2 live by the i found tht if u dnt do so..u 'll b seen as differnt..different as in weird.....n well u 'll b forced to lead the normal routine of life...if not the society ,emotional obligations 2 ur family will force u to...
well i was talkin abt my book..the the book has bcome like kind a part of me...the book is kinda cute.wid pink flowers..the pink flowers practically dragged me towards it...well its nothing like i m obsessed wid i must say,i like pink..i feel its cute n happy n fresh...atleast it makes my mind feel good ...n thts y this book is in my hands,thn ne other black,brown or gray book...
hope to have a long journey 2gedar wid dis pink book of mine...:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

2 vote or not to vote??mayb for manyits a personal i feel as a dutiful citizen u shud vote...we cnt try 2 change a system,whn we stand aloof and away frm it...try 2 reform our sysytem by being a part of it...try to nt only claim our rights,bt also xcersie our these both always go hand in hand...

yesterday i exercised my right 2 vote...yesterday was a day when common man was the king...whn we the people had in our hands, the choice of decidin the future of the country..

wht will b tht future,only time 'll tell...n i wish n pray its a worthy wait....:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my no 13

no 13...hailed as unlucky by many...dreaded by many if if the 13th of the month happens 2 b a i seem 2 b stuck up wid my no 4 quite sm time..startin frm my 8th grade where i was no 13....i was roll no 13 thruout 4 years of my coleg...n whn i got my first house it was quarter no 13...n finally my driivn test is also on the 13th of may...quite a loong stint wid 13 i seriously i dnt think the no has affected me in ne way...mayb u need 2 have a mind 2 believe so...2 believe in the luck n unluck brought upon by these nos...well...4 me..i 'm waitin 4 the many more 13s in my life....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009