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Thursday, February 26, 2009

memoirs of udhampur....

it was a place which i hated ,despised and loathed at first time went on 2 prove me wrong...prove wrong the saying that first impression is the best one...i dnt kno i got used to udh...mayb the liking toward udh arosed due to my fantasies surrounding cold places.......n finally whn i started njoying the place,whn i started realizing the beauty of the nature surrounding me...everything came to an abrupt all thts left of udh r very beautiful memories...right frm the day of my welcome,where i was mercilessly ragged...:D....our days at the td block,our first home..n all our first possesions ...n our n no of our wonderful farewell was a wonderful one yr out there...n dont kno why,bt i 'm sure i 'll miss tht place....which for me is hell turned heaven on earth.....


  1. so, where are u now chithi?? left udhampur? hus got transferred? take care!!

  2. yea...transffered to westbengal...:)...

  3. lucky gal u to visit lots f places wit hubs..

    ente kaaryam thanne Japanee nattil varumennu ennengilum vichaarichathaano?? kaalathinte oro kaliye??

  4. is soo i fell this mystery of life is wht makes it boring it wud hav been if we knew the future...