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Friday, February 27, 2009

me now:

from the freezer 2 the frying pan!!!.....thts my state now.....i miss those cold winter days...sob..:(
its true...good things wont last 4ever....even though the merciless sun keeps on reminding me tht i m in god's own "HOT" country,the spell that the winter had cast over me fails to leave ...m still enchanted n spellbound by the chilly winter i hav left behind me....wish i had time machine!!!!!


  1. mine is just the reverse..dont like winter at all and how I wish to reach Gods own country and enjoy the, we have hardly 3 months of summer though it is the land of rising sun...he he

  2. u share my husbands thoughts..he was ecstasic abt njoyin summer in kerala....