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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday was depression day…depression due to the fact tht pogo had left…well I didn’t wana give him…bt circumstances only forced me to give him away..smtimes I hate dis setup…where u cant even keep a pet,due 2 the fact tht u r supposed 2 relocate once in every 3yrs…guess some things r never meant to be….now whs left of pogo are his memories,his pics n his feeding bottle….

I started workin out so that it will keep my mind away frm these thoughts…As a result of which I feel partially crippled today…takin squats after a period of 3 months has taken a heavy toll on my legs…to top it all, my one eye has bcome small n red frm yesterday…now its better…bt it kinda shows at times…

Apart from these two hurdles ,I am fit and fine…physically…emotionally I fell smwht drained..well this is just a repeat telecast of what had happened one month ago,when we gave away pogo-I…

I guess I will move along as time passes…as thts the way of life..

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