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Monday, January 19, 2009 snowed again...mother nature is soo unpredictable.....when u think its all starts off once again...

i always wanted 2 b in a land of snow...kind of a childhood fantasy...never had a thing for always liked cool,chilly and misty places...where u can snuggle up in frnt of ur fire place,njoyin the warmth of the fire...well..i dnt have a fireplace,bt the electric heater i have is a worthy substitute....

winter and cold reminds me of christmas,my favourite season of the year...its gona b a month since the spirit n joy of xmas fails 2 leave me...even now,sitting in my fortress of solitude...i feel happy thinking abt xmas ,snow n santa....

mayb bcoz the season is a season of hope...hope tht smthin good will happen....mayb this hope is wht binds me 2 tht season...

n my fetish towards cold,snowy places...well its still a mystery.....


  1. Hi Chithira,

    How are you ?
    what r u doing in J&K ?
    Hope u r doing fine..I just went thru ur blog..good..I feel u r getting bored out thr..

    well..anyway..wish u a happy new year..hws ur husband..
    Take care,

  2. hi nibin...

    my hubby works over here,tht made me land up here...over here,m in2 online jobs....the boredom is do to the fact tht my hubs is away for a week...:(

  3. hmm...

    i always dreamd of sitting like that and reading books..well..not anytime close..

    do something productive rather than sleeping and eating :)...

    Have a great day!!!
    Take care

  4. hey nibin..i do eat n sleep..i bet u also do apart frm tht i do my share of earning..n speakin of productivity,i 'm in2 the very creative n productive field of ppl have all the luck 2 get paid for smting they like doing ,i guess..:D