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Sunday, January 4, 2009

i was not in that a good mood i had found out loong back that writing is a way to give vent 2 my i chose to write today...n disperse my tensions n be happy..well the foul mood was caused by the story i heard frm it made me feel so angry and helpless..hierarchy is necessary in any he syaytem of hierarchy shud yeild 2 should nt be a ply of monarchy or monopoly...all these are indirect statements aimed at a particular human being,who is the hod of a certain dept n a professor undrneath him...the gangwar between these two have been going on for soo loong,tht it is the students who r made to suffer for threir silly ego clashes....well i guess all dis happens in wht irritates me the most is tha twe rnt able to respond even whn we r given the ability me for eg...who is using pseudonames in dis post...smtimes i feel...Y OH GOD!!!!Y????

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