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Friday, January 9, 2009


I love babies….as long as they are not mine….believe me,I don’t have nething against babies…bt cnt think of having a personal one…:D…

I m gona complete one yr of my marriage life dis feb…nothing bad in tht,..sucucessfully gona complete one now I dread the thought of goin bac home,where I have 2 face the question inevitable…BABIES???

Sometimes I feel….all these people married jus to join the cause of propagating the human species…well in any case my thoughts are different…I dnt wish 2 add to the ever increasing population of our planet currently….and as they say,I dnt think my life is incomplete without havin a baby…actually I guess,no I feel,I am leading a perfect n happy life now….no tensions ,no burdens……no getting up at unearthly hours,no compromising my sleep,no changing those smelly diapers,no tension of getting fat,no missin parties n all the fun n entertainment of my life,which I have right now..n which I m unwilling 2 compropmise

4 anything…

No guys…I ‘m nt being selfish,bt I ‘m no mother India either….i ‘m nt 4 getting tht even I was a baby once,who used 2 give my parents sleepless nites…..its jus tht ,well…I wana live like dis 4 sm more time…mayb these r the musigs of my immature mind…n me being me,I dnt kno whn my thoughts n ideologies are gona change…….

And 4 all those mothers n nothers 2 b around to globe,my salutations….i fell u ppl are the most unselfish n sacrificing guys,sorry gals.:D in the whole world…CHEERS 2 U FOLKS!!!


  1. dear,i'll ask u the same question after 2 yrs ok?

  2. having a baby and when to have a baby is entirely a personal decision..none should have the right to interfere in that..sorry to say but this blog comes as a very crude insight into your mind which shows you as a very selfish and arrogant person...i know wat u r so maybe its just the way u put across those words...anyways...looking forward to have a nephew...i have decided to call him "alakeyy"...!!!!

  3. dear sis,...i 'm nt selfish or arrogant..n as u said..its my blog...but ur nephew 'll have 2 wait...:D...btw whts alakeyy???

  4. n i have said in my blog,i 'm very much prone 2 change..:)..chalo,we 'll c after 2 yrs..

  5. Hello dear,

    Nice topic to discuss...

    Well, I agree with u 60%. I agree taht as soon as u get married say after 6 months, people start askin ths question...babies?? But there is no rule like ths shud happen within a certain time...Its completely ur wish..I too feel enjoy the life nw to the max and then start...

    But being a mother is a wonderful experience..I have already started loving my baby, already strted lullabying my baby...just am waitin for tht right day for him/her to come..

    I think u too will feel the same yaar..defenitely..they say in every woman there is a mother...


  6. thankx 4 ur views u guys said,let time take its own course...

  7. i said ur blog makes u seem that way....its just the way u said i have alwazz told u...u can never be politically correct..and about alakkey..i believe u saw madagascar 2...!!!

  8. i never wanted 2 b politically always..