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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

live n let live !!this is truly the motto of my life....i m nt the kind who puts my nose in2 odars business ...n i dnt want neone to meddle in my affairs...well...u cnt control the instincts of odar ppl right..well these meddly insticts of sm losers provokes ignites my fuse n i go kaboom...n i get truly bitchy if u provoke me...

my fuse went kaboom sm time back....whn this particular wise guy..who as far as i kno is making a career out of swatting flies n mosquitoes ,tried to wisen me up n cracked a wise comment ..well,u kno wht?i got wisened nt in a way he thought...n i gave him a big ,nasty piece of my mind....havent heard frm him after tht...n i wish i never hear frm him again... may his nosey,meddly brain rest in pieces!!!


  1. so u accepted what i said..bitchy when provoked....hehe..but whos tat unfortunate guy??...and what did he comment on???

  2. ironically..or else...i saw ur post 2day only...:)...smbody frm my school days....u dnt kno him well...